How to Dress for a cold classroom

I’m back from Spring Break so I thought it was appropriate for a school post. How do you adjust to the temperatures in your classroom?

How to Dress for a cold classroom

4 Must Have Winter Coats

The first coat is a simple long pea coat, but what makes it stand out is the color. Color is definitely in this fall and through winter so don’t be afraid to take chances with colors. This plum purple is the purple color for a fall coat. Personally it reminds me of the rich fall colors.

The second coat is also a very classic pea coat. These never really go out of style. I like this one because it reminds me of a fisherman and it will go great with fisherman sweaters. Layer up this look with sweaters and collared t-shirts underneath.

The third coat is a parka. I have seen these all around for the past 2 years and I finally got a light parka this year from H and M. If you plan on wearing it in the cooler temperatures definitely pick a longer one with thick padding.

The fourth is a cape. Along with the poncho trend (which I love), this goes great with almost anything plus it makes a normal outfit stand out a bit. I paired it with a sequin top because those are also popular right now. You could wear this to a holiday party or just strolling in the city.

4 Must Have Winter Coats