Not your mother’s shorts

Not your mother's shorts


How to Dress for a cold classroom

I’m back from Spring Break so I thought it was appropriate for a school post. How do you adjust to the temperatures in your classroom?

How to Dress for a cold classroom

Comfy study outfits

When it’s cold outside, the last thing I want to do is leave my house and go to school, but since I’m in law school, I must.  Generally I spend 3-4 hours in the law library, sometimes more, sometimes less, but I always want to be comfortable.  Here are a few comfortable outfits that will keep you warm, cool, and still fashionable.

The first one mixes up a normal routine of jeans and adds a floral print.  I paired this with a simple tee and a sweater so you can adjust when the temperature in your library or office gets super cold or super hot.

The second outfit is a sweater dress.  Paired with some printed tights, it will keep you warm and classy.  Add a belt to give you some shape.  I love wearing my sweater dress with over the knee tights and boots.

The third is just a cute long sleeve tee or sweater and some black pants with black boots.  I would actually probably add an infinity scarf and maybe a head scarf for extra style points.

What’s your go to study outfit?

Comfy study outfits

Warm, Warmer, Warmest

Not all of live in the same climate and even in the same city the temperature can range from a breezy 50 degrees to shuddering single digit temps.  Here are a few outfit ideas somewhat similar but vary depending on how cold it is.

Warm: A simple chunky sweater/jeans combo with the ever-popular parka.  Pair it with a pair of oxfords and wool socks and you’re good to go for moderate cold temperature.

Warmer: Layers, layers, layers.  I love pairing a collared shirt with a sweater and then for extra body heat add a vest.  Wear some combat boots and you’re good to go.

Warmest: Turtlenecks are awesome for winter.  I would probably add an extra tee underneath the turtleneck for extra warmth.  You could also add some long underwear (so sexy right?) to keep in your body heat.  I added some duck boots for water resistance and warmth.

What are your winter plans?  What will you be wearing?

Warm, Warmer, Warmest

What to wear to a holiday party

I’m back!!  Hope you guys missed me!  I just finished my law school finals so now I have a month to do nothing but update my blog.  As I was out last night I saw a ton of people dressed up for holiday parties.  I saw ugly sweaters, warm sweater dresses, and sparkles, sparkles, sparkles.  What would the holiday season be without sparkles?  The three dresses below are for more of a semi formal occasion.

1. I love that this dress has just a little bit of sparkle up top.  It’s shapeless so you would need to add a belt, but it’s also a great way to be able to switch it up by adding a different belt.  The same thing with the shoes, you could wear black, nude, or sparkles.  This is definitely a timeless dress that will be sure you get you compliments.

2. You can’t go wrong with a red dress which is always a great choice for the holidays.  A study from the University of Rochester (My alma mater) indicate men actually find women in red more attractive (wink wink).  Red also looks good on almost anyone.  I like the peplum because it definitely makes it a little more interesting than just a  generic red sheath dress.

3. Finally we get to my favorite.  If I didn’t have a dress really similar to this one, I would’ve owned this 5 mins ago.   Lace is classy, sexy, timeless and I love the extra peplum waist.

Which one would you chose?

What to wear to a holiday party

How to wear Green, Blue, and Yellow together

The biggest challenge I have in my wardrobe is deciding what colors I can wear together.  Most of the time I see someone else wearing colors together and get inspired or sometimes I will experiment.  I know others probably have the same problem so I want to focus a few posts to show some cool color combos that have inspired me.  College Fashion, one of my favorite blogs, has a great post on finding good color combos based on the color wheel…the scientific way if you will.  They also have a variety of posts on different color schemes and how to wear different color styles (monochrome, complimentary, opposites).


What is your favorite color combo to wear?

Green, Blue, and Yellow

Dress for Sucess Fall 2012

As I mentioned before, I just recently started law school and it has gotten me thinking about building a professional wardrobe. I have a few other blog posts about professional outfits, but today I want to talk about fall 2012 professonional trends. Professional dressing definitely depends on your office environment. As an attorney I will probably live in suits, most of which will be probably very conservative and slightly boring. I imagine some days though I’ll get to have a little more fun. That may not be the case for you though, so here are a few really fantastic outfits for Fall 2012.

1.) The first outfit is representative of the menswear trend which seems to be popular for Fall 2012. What I love about it is you get to experiment with a different time period and style.  It reminds me of a classic newspaper reporter.  For this look, go for clean lines and classic colors: black, charcoal gray, and brown.
2.) The second outfit is a fitted cap sleeve dress.  Every woman should own one of these.  It flatters all body shapes and you look put together without worrying what color shirt goes with your pants goes with your shoes goes with your bag, etc.  Throw on this dress, some classic black heels, and simple jewelry.  You can also add a blazer, cardigan, or statement jewelry to mix it up.

3.) Cropped pants are super popular this fall and I think we’ll continue to see it throughout the spring 2013 as well.  This is for a more fun office atmosphere.  You can also take the same elements of this outfit; the cropped pants and bright jewelry and make it a little more conservative.  Because the pants are short they are a great opportunity to show off your killer new heels.
4.) This fourth outfit includes a few trends; polka dots, color blocking, capped toe, and a pussy bow blouse.  The point of this outfit was to showcase the pussy bow blouse.  You can get these in all colors and styles, but they are perfect under a blazer, sweater, or on their own and they add some diversity to the simple button down blouse.

5.) The pencil skirt is a classic piece that belongs in every woman’s closet.  I chose this pencil skirt because it’s patterned, yet still classic and versatile.  It’s all black for those conservative offices, but it makes a  statement and keeps your clothing fashion forward.  If you want just one or two things to switch up your wardrobe, this is a great idea.

6.) Peplum is taking over!  You can get peplum tops, peplum dresses, and even puplum skirts.  Take your pick.  I have a few peplum tops and a peplum dress.  I paired this with a classic black pencil skirt as a way to use pieces you probably already have.
How do you switch up your office clothing?  Any favorite pieces you have gotten for  Fall 2012?

Dress for Sucess Fall 2012
Dress for Success

Transition to Fall/Did you miss me?

Why hello there! It’s been awhile.  I am very sorry I have not posted in what seems like forever, but I have a good reason….I’m in law school.  I’ve been in school for almost a month, but I’ve done so much work it feels like a year!  I am going to try and keep posting, but my new goal is 1-3 times a week.  This blog is something I’ve loved doing and I really want to keep writing and posting.  The other exciting thing is I’ve officially moved to San Francisco.  I love all the unique events that go on in this city so I will definitely keep you updated!  One of my favorite things about the city is the fashion!  I can’t wait to see how observing people’s clothing will influence my own style.

One fashion challenge so far has been dressing for this weather…  It’s my least favorite thing about San Francisco.  In one part of the city it will be freezing and overcast and the next part it’s warm and sunny.  The same thing happens throughout the day so that one minute you need a jacket and the next minute you wished you had on shorts and a tank.  I’ve learned to dress in layers even if that means dragging a few extra articles of clothes with me.

Finally, what’s really brought me back into the blogging world is my favorite season.  Fall!  This is my favorite season and my favorite fashion season.  I can’t wait to break out my boots, scarves, sweaters, jackets, hats…oh wait I’ve already worn some of those things.  Well, I can’t wait to wear them all the time.  Below I have 2 great outfits that go with the changing weather.  The hi low trend has continued to be one of my favorites and it’s perfect for the transition to fall because it’s a mix of two styles as well; a maxi style dress and a shorter summer dress.  Throw a cardigan on it, and perhaps a belt to cinch it together, a great statement necklace, sandals, and you are ready to go.  The second outfit is what Gap calls ‘sweatshirt chic’ so I had to steal it.  I love the idea of being super comfy, but also made up.  Find a pair of slouchy sweats (perhaps the ones here) and pair it with any kind of t shirt and a blazer.  Throw it together with fancy heels, some great jewelry, and some hot pink lips.
I have already worn a similar outfit to the one on the left and I can’t wait to try the second outfit.
How do you like to transition into Fall?  What’s your favorite season?  My next post will be on professional attire.

Transition to Fall


Tangerine.  One of the most delicious fruits and also a fabulous color for summertime 2012.  I most like this color because it’s bold and can be paired with a variety of colors also popular this year; mint green, turquoise, white, yellow, blue, and purple.  Celebs are making a bold color blocking statement with tangerine and purple. You can add a splash of color using tangerine jewelry or  tangerine framed sunglasses.  Make it even more bold by going to a patterned dress or romper or add a blazer.

The picture above has 1 right away and 2 wrong ways to wear tangerine and purple together.  Jessica Alba looks stunning because her dress is simple and elegant.  The bold  print means she doesn’t have to try really hard with her hair or styling.  On the other hand, the other two celebrities are just way over the top.  If you are going for bold colors, keep it simple.  You want to downplay the rest of your outfit because the focus is the color.  Neither outfit is flattering on the first two celebrities.

The Maxi Dress

The maxi dress.  This trend took me a looonnggg time to get into.  I started really noticing it about 2 years ago and thought I could NEVER pull this one off.  I’m short, have wider hips, and I thought it would just look short and frumpy wearing one.  BUT, I have come around, and so have maxi dresses.  You can find them in all different shapes, sizes, and patterns.  I have found that you just have to find the right one for you to not make you look frumpy.  Mine is very similar to the dress on the left.  I have seen so many people wear the maxi dress trend with a jean jacket and it looks so perfect every time.  The one to the right is for a more formal occasion.  I love pairing white with turquoise, especially after having a little color from the summer sun.

Have you tried this trend yet?  What do you think?

The Maxi Dress