Not your mother’s shorts

Not your mother's shorts


How to Dress for a cold classroom

I’m back from Spring Break so I thought it was appropriate for a school post. How do you adjust to the temperatures in your classroom?

How to Dress for a cold classroom

What to wear to a holiday party

I’m back!!  Hope you guys missed me!  I just finished my law school finals so now I have a month to do nothing but update my blog.  As I was out last night I saw a ton of people dressed up for holiday parties.  I saw ugly sweaters, warm sweater dresses, and sparkles, sparkles, sparkles.  What would the holiday season be without sparkles?  The three dresses below are for more of a semi formal occasion.

1. I love that this dress has just a little bit of sparkle up top.  It’s shapeless so you would need to add a belt, but it’s also a great way to be able to switch it up by adding a different belt.  The same thing with the shoes, you could wear black, nude, or sparkles.  This is definitely a timeless dress that will be sure you get you compliments.

2. You can’t go wrong with a red dress which is always a great choice for the holidays.  A study from the University of Rochester (My alma mater) indicate men actually find women in red more attractive (wink wink).  Red also looks good on almost anyone.  I like the peplum because it definitely makes it a little more interesting than just a  generic red sheath dress.

3. Finally we get to my favorite.  If I didn’t have a dress really similar to this one, I would’ve owned this 5 mins ago.   Lace is classy, sexy, timeless and I love the extra peplum waist.

Which one would you chose?

What to wear to a holiday party

Transition to Fall/Did you miss me?

Why hello there! It’s been awhile.  I am very sorry I have not posted in what seems like forever, but I have a good reason….I’m in law school.  I’ve been in school for almost a month, but I’ve done so much work it feels like a year!  I am going to try and keep posting, but my new goal is 1-3 times a week.  This blog is something I’ve loved doing and I really want to keep writing and posting.  The other exciting thing is I’ve officially moved to San Francisco.  I love all the unique events that go on in this city so I will definitely keep you updated!  One of my favorite things about the city is the fashion!  I can’t wait to see how observing people’s clothing will influence my own style.

One fashion challenge so far has been dressing for this weather…  It’s my least favorite thing about San Francisco.  In one part of the city it will be freezing and overcast and the next part it’s warm and sunny.  The same thing happens throughout the day so that one minute you need a jacket and the next minute you wished you had on shorts and a tank.  I’ve learned to dress in layers even if that means dragging a few extra articles of clothes with me.

Finally, what’s really brought me back into the blogging world is my favorite season.  Fall!  This is my favorite season and my favorite fashion season.  I can’t wait to break out my boots, scarves, sweaters, jackets, hats…oh wait I’ve already worn some of those things.  Well, I can’t wait to wear them all the time.  Below I have 2 great outfits that go with the changing weather.  The hi low trend has continued to be one of my favorites and it’s perfect for the transition to fall because it’s a mix of two styles as well; a maxi style dress and a shorter summer dress.  Throw a cardigan on it, and perhaps a belt to cinch it together, a great statement necklace, sandals, and you are ready to go.  The second outfit is what Gap calls ‘sweatshirt chic’ so I had to steal it.  I love the idea of being super comfy, but also made up.  Find a pair of slouchy sweats (perhaps the ones here) and pair it with any kind of t shirt and a blazer.  Throw it together with fancy heels, some great jewelry, and some hot pink lips.
I have already worn a similar outfit to the one on the left and I can’t wait to try the second outfit.
How do you like to transition into Fall?  What’s your favorite season?  My next post will be on professional attire.

Transition to Fall


Tangerine.  One of the most delicious fruits and also a fabulous color for summertime 2012.  I most like this color because it’s bold and can be paired with a variety of colors also popular this year; mint green, turquoise, white, yellow, blue, and purple.  Celebs are making a bold color blocking statement with tangerine and purple. You can add a splash of color using tangerine jewelry or  tangerine framed sunglasses.  Make it even more bold by going to a patterned dress or romper or add a blazer.

The picture above has 1 right away and 2 wrong ways to wear tangerine and purple together.  Jessica Alba looks stunning because her dress is simple and elegant.  The bold  print means she doesn’t have to try really hard with her hair or styling.  On the other hand, the other two celebrities are just way over the top.  If you are going for bold colors, keep it simple.  You want to downplay the rest of your outfit because the focus is the color.  Neither outfit is flattering on the first two celebrities.

The Maxi Dress

The maxi dress.  This trend took me a looonnggg time to get into.  I started really noticing it about 2 years ago and thought I could NEVER pull this one off.  I’m short, have wider hips, and I thought it would just look short and frumpy wearing one.  BUT, I have come around, and so have maxi dresses.  You can find them in all different shapes, sizes, and patterns.  I have found that you just have to find the right one for you to not make you look frumpy.  Mine is very similar to the dress on the left.  I have seen so many people wear the maxi dress trend with a jean jacket and it looks so perfect every time.  The one to the right is for a more formal occasion.  I love pairing white with turquoise, especially after having a little color from the summer sun.

Have you tried this trend yet?  What do you think?

The Maxi Dress

2012 Summer Bikinis and their cover ups

It’s that time! Hope you’re spring training paid off because it’s swim suit season!  I have to say I am somewhat disappointed with this year’s swimsuit season.  There isn’t anything that really pops out at me, but that’s surprising because there are so many awesome trends.  If I designed swim suits I would definitely be incorporating tribal patterns, lace patterns, white, and floral.  I was really looking forward to some good coral suits and mint colors.  I ordered a few of these colors from Victoria’s Secret, but when I got them, they did not look at all like the colors on the site.

Below are some of the styles I liked the best.  I love floral swimsuits and pairing it with an over-sized chambray shirt as a coverup.

Another very classic summer bikini look is polka dots: large, small, and multicolored.  Pair it with a bright traditional coverup.

I would say of all the trends, bright bathing suits are definitely in.  I love this style because you can mix and match with patterns, or other colors.  Imagine color blocking for bathing suits.  Pair it with a neutral sweater.

Finally we have the white trend!  Nothing looks better than a gorgeous golden body and a white bathing suit.  Keep the trend going with a white lace dress or shirt dress.


Any luck with swimsuits?  Are you happy with this year’s selection?

2012 Summer Bikinis!

Boho summer chic

The boho summer chic look always seems to come up again.  I love this style because it’s so effortless and comfortable while being fashionable.  This is what people should wear to summer music festivals rather than putting on as much fringe as possible as seen in the Coachella post.

How do you like this style?


Boho summer chic

All about chambray

All about chambray

I am a bit obsessed…with chambray.  Above are a few ways I wear it.

The first updates office wear for fashion forward spring wear.  Pair a plain chambray shirt with a bright pencil skirt and accessorize it with some bright heels and a bright collar necklace.  Not everyone can get away with this at the office, but it’s stunning.

The second outfit is denim on denim which I love.  Bring the look together by adding a theme.  This theme is leopard print.  You can also do a bright color, another pattern, a sweater over the chambray shirt, or a leather jacket.  This is the most versatile outfit.

Finally we have a chambray dress.  As above, this can be worn a million different ways.  Add a statement necklace, awesome shoes, or the perfect jacket for a versatile, never-gets-old look.

Summer Vacation in Europe

Summer vacation…how I love thee.  Hopefully you have a little summer vaca planned.  Everyone deserves some R and R far away from home.  I am going to Croatia in 3 weeks.  Here is my packing list for a summer vacation.  This was done with a warm location in mind, preferably somewhere near the water.

The first thing you will notice is that there is a theme to these vacation outfits.  If you stick to one/two color patterns then you can mix and match outfits throughout the week.  For me I decided to go with peach/browns/blues.  Each of these shirts can be worn with each bottom.  You can also double up on some of these as well if it gets cold or cooler in the evenings.  The chambray top can also be used as a cover up for your swim suit.  I added the two jackets for cooler evenings, cool transportation rides, and in case you are visiting churches or other holy places.  The dress is perfect for traversing around Europe; it’s not too revealing, but also airy and light for hot summer days.  I added the belt to add another level of sophistication to an outfit.  I always feel I have to sacrifice a little style when I travel, but a belt takes up such little space in a bag, it is easy to use to complete an outfit.

The pants all pair well with the tops and are versatile enough so you feel you have a mix. I love white pants for summer time.  I added 2 bikinis that can be interchanged to make it seem like you actually have  4 bikinis.  Both shoes will match more than one outfit and they are neutral and comfortable.  Finally, the best accessory is a cross body satchel.

How would you wear these outfits??  Any other summer packing tips???  Let me know in the comments!

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Summer Vacation in Europe