Not your mother’s shorts

Not your mother's shorts


How to Dress for a cold classroom

I’m back from Spring Break so I thought it was appropriate for a school post. How do you adjust to the temperatures in your classroom?

How to Dress for a cold classroom

How to wear Green, Blue, and Yellow together

The biggest challenge I have in my wardrobe is deciding what colors I can wear together.  Most of the time I see someone else wearing colors together and get inspired or sometimes I will experiment.  I know others probably have the same problem so I want to focus a few posts to show some cool color combos that have inspired me.  College Fashion, one of my favorite blogs, has a great post on finding good color combos based on the color wheel…the scientific way if you will.  They also have a variety of posts on different color schemes and how to wear different color styles (monochrome, complimentary, opposites).


What is your favorite color combo to wear?

Green, Blue, and Yellow

What to wear when meeting the parents

Ok, don’t freak out. He has finally invited you to meet his parents and you want to make a good impression, but what do you wear??  I’d like to think I’m pretty good at looking put together without actually looking like I spend a lot of time putting myself together.  This is perfect for meeting the parents.

My first piece of advice is to stay within your normal style, but tone it down or up a bit.  If you normally hang out in jeans and a tee, add some cute shoes and a blazer.  If you normally wear 4 inch heels and a tight dress, choose something a bit more conservative or heels a little lower.  The worst thing you could do though is go totally out of your way so that you’re not yourself at all. Sooner or later they will find out your true style.   Below are a few ideas.

One thing I love is adding a statement piece that is either meaningful to you or has a story behind it.  Maybe it’s a ring you traded for at a pawn shop, or you scored a 500 dollar jacket for 100 dollars at a boutique.  Wearing something unique can open up conversation and maybe you’ll have something in common with the ‘rents.

What to wear when meeting the parents
The first outfit can be a casual lunch or an outing.  I paired a floral tank with a cardigan and a pair of very mellow yellow jeans to take it up a notch.  I added a neutral flat so you’ll be comfortable and chic.  The cardigan is nice because you might start to get a little toasty from all those nerves or you may end up eating outside.  You want to look weather appropriate.  The last thing you want to be known for is the girl who had a heat stroke.
The second outfit is a bit more formal.  This could be for dinner or a movie.  Maybe dinner at the parents’  house.  The dress is flirty and fun and the white blazer brings it together making you look tailored and sophisticated.  I love this dress because it is flattering on all figures.  Add a pair of classic pearl earrings and some comfortable wedges.
Finally we have the most casual outfit.  I like this outfit because it does not look like you’re trying too hard and still has a little edge  to it.  Maybe everyone is going to a concert together or playing pee-wee golf.  The shirt is loose and flirty and the boots add a little structure to the outfit.  I would curl your hair and throw it up in a ponytail for a care free, but still mature look.
What have you worn to meet the parents?  Any horrifying stories?  Any clothing tips?

Wearing Floral This Spring

Floral is all over the place in spring. In fact, floral is all over in spring every year, but each year has its own interpretation.  Floral also isn’t for everyone.  The first outfit shows a way to add a floral scarf as a way to wear the trend, but not be too crazy.  The second outfit showcases a floral blouse, IMO a classic piece to own.  Its a way to dress up a pair of jeans, or wear under a blazer.  Finally, the third outfit is classic garden party outfit.  A floral pencil skirt paired with a classic green blazer.    Pair it with tea and crumpets and you’re perfect.

Wearing Floral This Spring

Cold Weather outfits

My alma mater, the University of Rochester, finally got a good dose of snow and in honor I thought I would put together a few cold weather outfits. These are not snow outfits, but a step above that.  Thinks 30s/40s, overcast, maybe rainy.  All are very classic with a touch, or two, of something bold.

Stay warm,


Cold Weather outfits

J Crew Vest

I saw this outfit on the J Crew website and totally loved it! Soo cute for fall and into winter!  Here are a few different color ideas and variations!

The outfit on the right is obviously the most similar to the outfit in the picture.  For the outfit to the left, I used a toggle vest, a flannel shirt from American Eagle, and a striped sweater.  I love mixing stripes and flannel and throwing the vest over it so it’s not too many patterns going on.

How to Layer with a vest

Professional Wardrobe

The bare minimum of a professional wardrobe.

I stick to the basics in this list to keep costs down and this should be what you build your wardrobe around. Once you have all these items you can shop around for more trendy items that are less expensive.
1.) 3 Versatile work pants: Black, Gray, Navy Blue, Tan of any material.
a. Budget: 100 dollars/pant. I go a little high with the price because they pants should look excellent on you. They should flatter your curves and be the right size. No pinching, bulging, stretching. I also added a little wiggle room if you need to tailor them. The rule is: your pants should skim the floor. If you are wearing heels, the pants should cover the entire heel. That might mean you can only wear some pants with flats or heels. That’s ok.
2.) 1 Skirt: Black pencil skirt. Goes with everything.
a. Budget: 70 dollars.
3.) 1 Dress: Goes with everything and you can dress it up for something after work. You can also use it like a skirt.
a. Budget: 100 dollars
4.) 8 Button down work shirts: 1-3 white shirts, 1 black, 2 dark, 2 bright. You need more white button down shirts because they tend to wear out and get dirtier easier. I also say 2 dark, 1 light and 2 bright because certain colors go better in winter/fall (dark), and summer/spring (light). I say 2 bright because you should have a couple shirts that just make you happier wearing them.
a. Budget: 50 dollars/shirt. TIP: The best places to get these shirts are New York and Company, Express, Gap, and The Limited. These places tend to have sales a lot and when they do, stock up. I generally get these shirts for between 20 or 30 dollars/shirt.
5.) 1-5 cardigans: Cardigans are your best friend. They keep you warm in a cold office and keep you looking chic. I would say definitely have a black, gray, and white cardigan so you get the best value. But also throw in 1 or 2 funky colors or patterns again for the splash of color.
a. Budget: 40 dollars/cardigan. My favorite places to get cardigans are the Gap, New York and Company, and Forever21.
6.) 1-3 blazers: Same thing as above. Keep these neutral, but if you want to take advantage of a current trend like bright colors I say go for it. Red is actually a neutral color so if you’re going to value and trendy, get red.
a. Budget: 100 dollars/blazer. For some reason, well fitting blazers are incredibly hard to find. Maybe it’s because I have a petite frame, but so many blazers make my shoulders big and are too wide in the waist. Use the extra money and find a blazer that is fitted to your shoulders and shows that you have a waist. Every woman has a waist. If you need to have it tailored, do it. The best blazers I have are from H and M. I have also heard J. Crew and Banana Republic have good ones.
7.) 1-2 suits: I say more than one because you’re going to need it. Stick with neutrals and dark colors. If I was interviewing someone and they needed to come back for a second interview and they were wearing the same suit, I would definitely pass judgment on them. You don’t want to have one suit you always wear for a presentation or interview. You want to look professional and professionals have multiple suits.
a. Budget: 200 dollars. The two suits I have are both way under that because I got them at H and M, but I would say give yourself an allowance. You wear a suit when you want to impress someone and you are usually getting something out of it.
8.) 1-3 shirts that are not button downs: These blouses should be professional, but not quite as stiff as a button down. Use these slots for trendy items like a floral blouse, a tie blouse, or a sheer blouse. Budget: 30 dollars/shirt
9.) 1-4 shoes: 1 black heel, 1 nude heel, black flats, and trendy flat. Black goes with everything in your closet that is dark and nude goes with everything else. The trendy flat is to give you a little more style.
a. Budget: 60 dollars/pair of shoes. Again, with browsing sales, you can definitely find something nice. I like Kohls, DSW, or Nordstrom’s for work shoes.
10.) 1-2 Purses: Black and Brown: Goes with everything.
a. Budget: 50 dollars/purse. Just don’t go with designers and you will be fine. Almost every trendy young womenswear store has cute purses.

Total: If you max out the budget that puts you at 2000 dollars. If you shop for sales, than you are around 1500. This might seem like a lot, but we spend the majority of our lives at work and you must always present a positive image of yourself so why wouldn’t you spend the money to look good. 2000 dollars over 12 months is 167 dollars/month. Surely you could afford that which will be an investment into your future. My suggestion for a professional wardrobe is look often and smart. Don’t leave yourself the last minute to try and find a good fitting suit. You either won’t have time to get it tailored or you won’t find anything you like. There are a ton of websites that allow you to track sales and be alerted when something goes down in price. You can also sign up for store emails. Make a friend at the local department store and they would love to call you when they see something you might like especially if they work on commission.

Professional Wardrobe

Shorts for Fall

It’s mid-October and the weather is still in the 70s/80s here in Cali. Here are a few ideas for some cooler outfits for warmer October days.

Shorts for Fall