Not your mother’s shorts

Not your mother's shorts


Bohemian/Neon Fashion

It’s me again!  I have been a little MIA due to various reasons; visiting law schools, planning vacations for this summer, being sick, working overtime, training for my half marathon.  Life can get a little crazy sometimes.  Luckily I’ve had this blog post for a little while and it’s all ready to go.  I love how the bohemian look continues to stay in fashion especially around summer music festival time.  Even the most preppy of folks seem to rock braids in their hair, long flowy skirts, and bright colors.


Wearing Floral This Spring

Floral is all over the place in spring. In fact, floral is all over in spring every year, but each year has its own interpretation.  Floral also isn’t for everyone.  The first outfit shows a way to add a floral scarf as a way to wear the trend, but not be too crazy.  The second outfit showcases a floral blouse, IMO a classic piece to own.  Its a way to dress up a pair of jeans, or wear under a blazer.  Finally, the third outfit is classic garden party outfit.  A floral pencil skirt paired with a classic green blazer.    Pair it with tea and crumpets and you’re perfect.

Wearing Floral This Spring

2012 Fashion Trend-Nautical Inspired

2012 Trend Alert: Nautical Inspired

I’m seeing stripes everywhere!  From jackets to shoes, shirts to skirts, and everything else in between.  This is a trend that always comes back every couple years so don’t feel bad if you pay more for a cute blazer. I love pairing navy blue trousers with a striped top (of almost any color), and adding a blazer.  The perfect summer outfit.

Other nautical details include bright red (I love the bright red shorts in this picture), striped bikinis, browns and neutrals for shoes, purses, and belts, and star details.  Chambray would also be the perfect fabric to throw in over a bikini or wear tucked into your shorts.


Nautical Inspired


How to wear a sweatshirt

Comfy and casual, the sweatshirt is my go to look for being comfortable and hanging out. Jeans and a sweatshirt was pretty much my uniform in high school.  Back then I was too afraid to stand out and wear something a little more trendy. Thank goodness things have changed.

Because sweatshirts are so simple and basic I decided to pair them with something that make them stand out just a little bit more.

The first outfit features a simple sweatshirt that says ‘Love Young, Love Forever’ and a pair of faded black jeans, combat boots, and an infinity scarf.  The boots and scarf  add a little style to a simple look.

The second outfit features a very adorable Bambi sweater paired over a long sleeve flannel shirt.  One of my favorite things about this fall is layering collared shirt over sweaters or sweatshirts.  It gives added warmth and a little more style to an otherwise simple outfit.

The third outfit is a basic hoodie with a vest over it.   I paired it with some snow boots because it was channeling a very outdoorsy look.  I want to go camping or hiking in this outfit.


How to wear a sweatshirt

Shades of Gray

Here are a few simple outfit ideas. As the weather has been turning colder and getting cloudier, it makes me want to wrap myself in warm sweaters and hibernate. What better way to reflect the weather than to wear gray?

Shades of Gray

Wearing Brown and Black together

Wearing Black and Brown together is definitely a must do! I love the colors for Fall! One thing to keep in mind is that not all black/brown combos are created equal.  Here are what makes or doesn’t make the outfit.

Must do:
Animal Print
All black clothing and brown boots
Bomber Jackets/Leather Jackets in either black or brown
Use a belt in black or brown to offset the one color
Keep accessories simple

Do Not Ever Do:
Don’t do too much and don’t mix shades of the colors.
Don’t mix black and brown and another color.

Wearing Brown and Black together

Fall Boots 2011

Here are a few of fantastic boots for Fall 2011:
1. Classic Booties: Booties are a great alternative to the classic heel. You can wear these with skinny jeans, dresses, skirts, pretty much whatever and this season they come in sooo many different styles.
2. Classic Boots: I use a simple riding boot for classic boots, but really these can be any simple high boot in black or brown. They go with pretty much everything as well.
3. Wedge Booties: I highlighted a Fall trend with these wedge booties with laces. I love these because they are very stylish and comfy. Pair them with flared jeans, skinny jeans, leg warmers, or tights.
4. Rain boots: Who didn’t love splashing around in rain puddles as a kid? Let me rephrase, who doesn’t love splashing around in rain puddles? I do!! What better excuse to throw on a bunch of bright colored rain boots.
5. Biker Boots: These boots give you a little edge. Throw on a leather jacket and rock on.
6. Cold Weather Boots: It’s never fun to be sloshing around in snow without waterproof boots on. This pair will keep your feet warm and dry while still looking fashionable.
7. Over the knee boots: I will admit, I will never be able to pull off this look nor will many women, but it’s a statement piece for sure if you can.
8. Heeled boots: I find walking in boots with a chunkier heel are a lot easier to walk in which is why I featured this pair.

Fall Boots 2011

4 Must Have Winter Coats

The first coat is a simple long pea coat, but what makes it stand out is the color. Color is definitely in this fall and through winter so don’t be afraid to take chances with colors. This plum purple is the purple color for a fall coat. Personally it reminds me of the rich fall colors.

The second coat is also a very classic pea coat. These never really go out of style. I like this one because it reminds me of a fisherman and it will go great with fisherman sweaters. Layer up this look with sweaters and collared t-shirts underneath.

The third coat is a parka. I have seen these all around for the past 2 years and I finally got a light parka this year from H and M. If you plan on wearing it in the cooler temperatures definitely pick a longer one with thick padding.

The fourth is a cape. Along with the poncho trend (which I love), this goes great with almost anything plus it makes a normal outfit stand out a bit. I paired it with a sequin top because those are also popular right now. You could wear this to a holiday party or just strolling in the city.

4 Must Have Winter Coats