What I wore in Croatia

I just got back from Croatia this Monday which is why there has been a little lag in posts.  This one will make up for those I promise.  Below are pictures from almost every day of travel.  We were in Croatia for about 9 days and I only planned to bring a carry on bag so I had to pack very wisely.  On top of that, the weather was going to be a little chilly some days and hot other days.

Here’s what I brought:

2 dress:

The coral one to wear when it was hot

A navy blue maxi dress to wear on the plane both days.  I paired it with a tee the first time and my chambray shirt the second time.

7/8 shirts:

These were a mix of three quarter sleeve, and tank tops so I would be comfortable and have options for each city.

1 sweater:

Great for layering

2 jackets:

I brought a gray one for more comfortable travel rides and it paired well under my khaki colored more tailored jacket.  I tried to pick ones that would go with everything I brought.

2 shoes:

My TOMS that go with everything and a pair of moccasins.  Probably not the BEST choice as I almost slipped a few times on the cobblestone, but I was comfortable.

2 belts:

One I wanted to pair with my dress and the other was great for adding a little polish to my look.

2 necklaces:

Same as above.  They take up so little room and make you feel a little nicer.

3 pants:

I wore every pants 2 times because they take up the most room.  I had a light color, dark wash blue, and white.

Last day of our journey. Heading to the airport

At the top of the castle overlooking Hvar

What I wore riding through Korcula vineyards on the way to the beach

Relaxing by the water on the island of Hvar

A light jacket for a beautiful sunset in Zadar

In Split. Had a little photo shoot.

Our private apartment. What I wore to see the sword dancing in Korcula

In Zagreb

Walking the wall in Dubrovnik

What I wore on the plane

If you ever want to go to Croatia, let me know and I will tell you everything you need to know about this gorgeous country!  The people were nice, most spoke english, they had excellent food, and it was just beautiful!  The places we traveled to were:

Zagreb, Zadar, Plitvice Lakes, Split, Hvar, Korcula, and Dubrovnik.  You can easily spend 2-3 weeks traveling through Croatia and doing side trips.


Blogger Fashion: Brightly Colored Blazers

You remember back to my little post about bright blazers?  Since it is Wednesday, here are a few of my favorite looks by other bloggers wearing bright blazers!  It being 75 degrees today I also wore a fantastic bright pink blazer I found at Forever21 and some shoes to match!  Head over to Chictopia to check me out!

These outfits definitely take some courage to rock.  I love the little pops of color added to the bright blazers.  It makes me excited for spring/summer!

From Superficial Girls

I love the coordination with the belt and the shoes!   A fantastic way to brighten up a little polka dot dress!  This definitely gave me a few ideas!

From Chictopia

I love the idea of color blocking and wearing two completely opposite colors, but I can’t really seem to pull it off.  This blogger did though!  I love the striped shirt, bright pink blazer, and teal shoes.    It’s a stellar combination.

From Chictopia

Ah!  I love these bright colors all together with the animal print heels!  I never would have thought to pair a carrot orange shirt with a coral blazer!  This is a knock out outfit!  Another fantastic way to put a little animal print into your wardrobe.

Blogger from District of Chic

If you are looking to update your work wardrobe, look no further than this blogger.  I love how she pairs a classic beige dress with simple print heels and purse and then adds a pop of color with the orange poppy blazer.  Everything fits perfectly together.  What you get is a polished, fashion forward, and chic look.

Back from Vegas!

Back from Vegas!  Had a great time celebrating my birthday with two of my friends!  Here are a couple pics of what I wore. The two clubs we went to were Marquee and Tao.  Both were fantastic but had great music and a good vibe.  I would love to see some other Vegas clubs.  I look forward to going back again when it’s hot outside!

My three friends and I


Before going out to wander around the Strip!


Second Day. It was really cold!


Second night out


Happy New Year!  Since this is a fashion blog I wanted to showcase what I wore New Year’s Eve.  I went to a comedy club so I didn’t want to go totally crazy.  Instead I went with this lace three quarter sleeve dress, tights, and a blazer.  I did add some more colorful jewelry later on to give it a little bit of color.

  Some people may notice that I have gone red.  In the pictures it looks more brunette but I promise it’s red.  I have gone darker one other time and I wasn’t sure if I loved it, but this time I LOVE it.  I feel like a completely different person.  I’m sure by summer though I’ll be back as a blonde.  As for now, I’m going to enjoy being a redhead.

With my friend Courtney