Comfy study outfits

When it’s cold outside, the last thing I want to do is leave my house and go to school, but since I’m in law school, I must.  Generally I spend 3-4 hours in the law library, sometimes more, sometimes less, but I always want to be comfortable.  Here are a few comfortable outfits that will keep you warm, cool, and still fashionable.

The first one mixes up a normal routine of jeans and adds a floral print.  I paired this with a simple tee and a sweater so you can adjust when the temperature in your library or office gets super cold or super hot.

The second outfit is a sweater dress.  Paired with some printed tights, it will keep you warm and classy.  Add a belt to give you some shape.  I love wearing my sweater dress with over the knee tights and boots.

The third is just a cute long sleeve tee or sweater and some black pants with black boots.  I would actually probably add an infinity scarf and maybe a head scarf for extra style points.

What’s your go to study outfit?

Comfy study outfits

How to wear Green, Blue, and Yellow together

The biggest challenge I have in my wardrobe is deciding what colors I can wear together.  Most of the time I see someone else wearing colors together and get inspired or sometimes I will experiment.  I know others probably have the same problem so I want to focus a few posts to show some cool color combos that have inspired me.  College Fashion, one of my favorite blogs, has a great post on finding good color combos based on the color wheel…the scientific way if you will.  They also have a variety of posts on different color schemes and how to wear different color styles (monochrome, complimentary, opposites).


What is your favorite color combo to wear?

Green, Blue, and Yellow

What to wear on the Fourth of July

It’s July 2! Only a few more days to figure out those Fourth of July plans! I will be enjoying the glorious California weather by a pool during the day and watching fireworks by night.  Below are a few outfit  ideas for those summer plans!

The first outfit is perfect for lounging around a body of water.   An American flag bikini is definitely on my wish list.  You can wear them any time during the summer and not look crazy.  However, the flag  jeans shorts I wouldn’t wear any other day than the Fourth of July.  It’s just a little too much.  Just like those St. Patrick Day tee’s and other holiday only apparel.

The second outfit is good for almost any Fourth of July plans.  White jeans are my FAVORITE trend this year.  I seriously want to wear them with everything.  You can never go wrong with stripes and for fun, add an American flag scarf.

Finally, we have a little more formal look for the last outfit.  Maybe you are BBQing or doing a picnic. This will have you feeling cool and looking chic. It’s not overly patriotic and not overdone.


What are your Fourth of July plans?  What does your Fourth of July fashion look like?

What to wear on the Fourth of July


Tangerine.  One of the most delicious fruits and also a fabulous color for summertime 2012.  I most like this color because it’s bold and can be paired with a variety of colors also popular this year; mint green, turquoise, white, yellow, blue, and purple.  Celebs are making a bold color blocking statement with tangerine and purple. You can add a splash of color using tangerine jewelry or  tangerine framed sunglasses.  Make it even more bold by going to a patterned dress or romper or add a blazer.

The picture above has 1 right away and 2 wrong ways to wear tangerine and purple together.  Jessica Alba looks stunning because her dress is simple and elegant.  The bold  print means she doesn’t have to try really hard with her hair or styling.  On the other hand, the other two celebrities are just way over the top.  If you are going for bold colors, keep it simple.  You want to downplay the rest of your outfit because the focus is the color.  Neither outfit is flattering on the first two celebrities.

What to wear when meeting the parents

Ok, don’t freak out. He has finally invited you to meet his parents and you want to make a good impression, but what do you wear??  I’d like to think I’m pretty good at looking put together without actually looking like I spend a lot of time putting myself together.  This is perfect for meeting the parents.

My first piece of advice is to stay within your normal style, but tone it down or up a bit.  If you normally hang out in jeans and a tee, add some cute shoes and a blazer.  If you normally wear 4 inch heels and a tight dress, choose something a bit more conservative or heels a little lower.  The worst thing you could do though is go totally out of your way so that you’re not yourself at all. Sooner or later they will find out your true style.   Below are a few ideas.

One thing I love is adding a statement piece that is either meaningful to you or has a story behind it.  Maybe it’s a ring you traded for at a pawn shop, or you scored a 500 dollar jacket for 100 dollars at a boutique.  Wearing something unique can open up conversation and maybe you’ll have something in common with the ‘rents.

What to wear when meeting the parents
The first outfit can be a casual lunch or an outing.  I paired a floral tank with a cardigan and a pair of very mellow yellow jeans to take it up a notch.  I added a neutral flat so you’ll be comfortable and chic.  The cardigan is nice because you might start to get a little toasty from all those nerves or you may end up eating outside.  You want to look weather appropriate.  The last thing you want to be known for is the girl who had a heat stroke.
The second outfit is a bit more formal.  This could be for dinner or a movie.  Maybe dinner at the parents’  house.  The dress is flirty and fun and the white blazer brings it together making you look tailored and sophisticated.  I love this dress because it is flattering on all figures.  Add a pair of classic pearl earrings and some comfortable wedges.
Finally we have the most casual outfit.  I like this outfit because it does not look like you’re trying too hard and still has a little edge  to it.  Maybe everyone is going to a concert together or playing pee-wee golf.  The shirt is loose and flirty and the boots add a little structure to the outfit.  I would curl your hair and throw it up in a ponytail for a care free, but still mature look.
What have you worn to meet the parents?  Any horrifying stories?  Any clothing tips?

Summer Vacation in Europe

Summer vacation…how I love thee.  Hopefully you have a little summer vaca planned.  Everyone deserves some R and R far away from home.  I am going to Croatia in 3 weeks.  Here is my packing list for a summer vacation.  This was done with a warm location in mind, preferably somewhere near the water.

The first thing you will notice is that there is a theme to these vacation outfits.  If you stick to one/two color patterns then you can mix and match outfits throughout the week.  For me I decided to go with peach/browns/blues.  Each of these shirts can be worn with each bottom.  You can also double up on some of these as well if it gets cold or cooler in the evenings.  The chambray top can also be used as a cover up for your swim suit.  I added the two jackets for cooler evenings, cool transportation rides, and in case you are visiting churches or other holy places.  The dress is perfect for traversing around Europe; it’s not too revealing, but also airy and light for hot summer days.  I added the belt to add another level of sophistication to an outfit.  I always feel I have to sacrifice a little style when I travel, but a belt takes up such little space in a bag, it is easy to use to complete an outfit.

The pants all pair well with the tops and are versatile enough so you feel you have a mix. I love white pants for summer time.  I added 2 bikinis that can be interchanged to make it seem like you actually have  4 bikinis.  Both shoes will match more than one outfit and they are neutral and comfortable.  Finally, the best accessory is a cross body satchel.

How would you wear these outfits??  Any other summer packing tips???  Let me know in the comments!

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Summer Vacation in Europe

Spring 2012 Colors: Pastel

I am not a pastel kind of girl. I think it washes me out no matter how tan I get. That being said, pastel is very in right now and for a lot of people it looks really good on.  Below are a few of my favorite colors/trends.  I love mint green and coral (almost anyone can pull off those colors), and I love bright pants!  Chambray is a great way to bring everything together.

Spring 2012 Colors: Pastel

How to stop your feet from slipping out of your shoes

I recently bought a pair of super cute pointy toe neon pink flats, but my heel slips out every time I take a step! I have another pair of shoes that does the same thing and it is so frustrating! While doing some research on the internet I found an accessory I can use to prevent slipping.

Foot Petals sells multiple accessories to prevent common shoe problems.  There I found the Heavenly Heelz.  They work perfect for prevent my heels from slipping out from my shoes. It’s basically just a sticky pad that does on the back of your shoes to close the space between your foot and the shoe.  It sticks there when you walk.

Heavenly Heelz

Have you found another accessory or secret to prevent slipping?