Warm, Warmer, Warmest

Not all of live in the same climate and even in the same city the temperature can range from a breezy 50 degrees to shuddering single digit temps.  Here are a few outfit ideas somewhat similar but vary depending on how cold it is.

Warm: A simple chunky sweater/jeans combo with the ever-popular parka.  Pair it with a pair of oxfords and wool socks and you’re good to go for moderate cold temperature.

Warmer: Layers, layers, layers.  I love pairing a collared shirt with a sweater and then for extra body heat add a vest.  Wear some combat boots and you’re good to go.

Warmest: Turtlenecks are awesome for winter.  I would probably add an extra tee underneath the turtleneck for extra warmth.  You could also add some long underwear (so sexy right?) to keep in your body heat.  I added some duck boots for water resistance and warmth.

What are your winter plans?  What will you be wearing?

Warm, Warmer, Warmest

What to wear to a holiday party

I’m back!!  Hope you guys missed me!  I just finished my law school finals so now I have a month to do nothing but update my blog.  As I was out last night I saw a ton of people dressed up for holiday parties.  I saw ugly sweaters, warm sweater dresses, and sparkles, sparkles, sparkles.  What would the holiday season be without sparkles?  The three dresses below are for more of a semi formal occasion.

1. I love that this dress has just a little bit of sparkle up top.  It’s shapeless so you would need to add a belt, but it’s also a great way to be able to switch it up by adding a different belt.  The same thing with the shoes, you could wear black, nude, or sparkles.  This is definitely a timeless dress that will be sure you get you compliments.

2. You can’t go wrong with a red dress which is always a great choice for the holidays.  A study from the University of Rochester (My alma mater) indicate men actually find women in red more attractive (wink wink).  Red also looks good on almost anyone.  I like the peplum because it definitely makes it a little more interesting than just a  generic red sheath dress.

3. Finally we get to my favorite.  If I didn’t have a dress really similar to this one, I would’ve owned this 5 mins ago.   Lace is classy, sexy, timeless and I love the extra peplum waist.

Which one would you chose?

What to wear to a holiday party

What to wear on the Fourth of July

It’s July 2! Only a few more days to figure out those Fourth of July plans! I will be enjoying the glorious California weather by a pool during the day and watching fireworks by night.  Below are a few outfit  ideas for those summer plans!

The first outfit is perfect for lounging around a body of water.   An American flag bikini is definitely on my wish list.  You can wear them any time during the summer and not look crazy.  However, the flag  jeans shorts I wouldn’t wear any other day than the Fourth of July.  It’s just a little too much.  Just like those St. Patrick Day tee’s and other holiday only apparel.

The second outfit is good for almost any Fourth of July plans.  White jeans are my FAVORITE trend this year.  I seriously want to wear them with everything.  You can never go wrong with stripes and for fun, add an American flag scarf.

Finally, we have a little more formal look for the last outfit.  Maybe you are BBQing or doing a picnic. This will have you feeling cool and looking chic. It’s not overly patriotic and not overdone.


What are your Fourth of July plans?  What does your Fourth of July fashion look like?

What to wear on the Fourth of July


Happy New Year!  Since this is a fashion blog I wanted to showcase what I wore New Year’s Eve.  I went to a comedy club so I didn’t want to go totally crazy.  Instead I went with this lace three quarter sleeve dress, tights, and a blazer.  I did add some more colorful jewelry later on to give it a little bit of color.

  Some people may notice that I have gone red.  In the pictures it looks more brunette but I promise it’s red.  I have gone darker one other time and I wasn’t sure if I loved it, but this time I LOVE it.  I feel like a completely different person.  I’m sure by summer though I’ll be back as a blonde.  As for now, I’m going to enjoy being a redhead.

With my friend Courtney

Best Trends of 2011

Best trends of 2011

  1. Loafers-This is a newer trend and I believe they will be everywhere in 2012.  My favorites are animal print loafers.  Gives your look a little bit of tomboy in it.  I can’t wait to see how people wear these in 2012!
  3. Blazers-Blazers are in style pretty much always, but they made a comeback in 2011.   White blazers were seen everywhere and adding a blazer completed the perfect layering look.  Look off for new colors, styles, and ways to wear them in 2012.
  4. Chambray-There must be like 50 different ways to wear chambray: skirts, shirts, jackets, purses, etc.  I can’t wait to see the new ways chambray is worn into 2012.
  5. Sparkles-From pairing a sparkly tank top under a blazer to going all out in a sequin dress, this trend could be seen in a variety of situations.  2011 made sparkles popular not just for going out, but also for during the day.
  6. Lace-another fabric that could be seen in a million different ways, colors, and styles.  My favorite is the lace top.  Adds a little bit of daintiness especially paired with something more masculine-leather, boots, etc.
  7. Colored pants-Jeans are great, but sometimes you just want a little something different.  We saw patterned jeans, colorful capris, and khakis.
  8. Aztec print-We saw this print in sweaters, bags, scarves, and tops.  I couldn’t keep my hands off this beautiful print.  I am well stocked up for the rest of winter plus anytime this trend comes back.
  9. Chunky necklaces-I love this trend because it goes great with layering or adding a little oomph to an outfit.  One can never have too much jewelry.
  10. Rose gold watches-One of the best investments I made was purchasing a rose gold watch from Fossil.  I get compliments on it on a daily basis.  This year I am looking for a black watch.  Any ideas?
  11. Mixing and Matching-I feel like 2011 was all about playing with different fabrics and prints.  Look at how many top trends are just colors, fabrics, and prints! Experimenting gave us some great color schemes and ideas to try out in the New Year.

Cold Weather outfits

My alma mater, the University of Rochester, finally got a good dose of snow and in honor I thought I would put together a few cold weather outfits. These are not snow outfits, but a step above that.  Thinks 30s/40s, overcast, maybe rainy.  All are very classic with a touch, or two, of something bold.

Stay warm,


Cold Weather outfits

New Years Dresses

Yes it is true, we have a few more days until New Year’s Eve.  Where did the year go????  If you are like me you are still trying to figure out what you’ll be doing, with who, and what you’ll be wearing.  Ugh oh.  Time to go shopping.  New Year’s is definitely the time to go all about and wear something shiny.  Hope these ideas inspire you!

Happy New Year!


New Years Dresses

Sequined Dresses for the Holidays

You can’t have a holiday season without a little sparkle!  I love these sequin dresses for many reasons.  I am a huge fan of long sleeve short dresses partly because I don’t have the cleavage to fill out any other dresses and second because I find them super sexy.  In an age where nothing it too short, or too revealing, living a little to the imagination is the most sexy thing.

I love sequined dresses because they make you stand out.  The three sequined long sleeve dresses are definitely stand out dresses while the purple dress is a little more understated.   I say just go for it.  Stand out.  Don’t be a wallflower.  Life is too short.

Shine on!

Sequined Dresses for the Holidays

What To Wear With a Lace Dress

For the next few weeks leading up to the holidays I will focus on holiday fashion. This week’s post will be all about lace dresses and what to wear with a lace dress. Lace is the perfect fabric for holidays. It gives of a romantic, soft allure and can be worn to a variety of holiday events.

However, one problem with lace dresses is that sometimes they can look too cheap, like underwear, or too old. You want to look for a dress with a simple contemporary cut. That will help the lace dress from looking too much of any of these things.
I chose these three lace dresses because they are simple and appropriate for the holidays. They are also not so trendy that you can’t wear them in years to come.

I love the first white lace dress because it is so fun! It is pulled tighter right below your bust line making your waist look smaller. I also love the polka dots on this lace dress which makes it fun and refreshing. Polka Dots are another popular trend for this holiday season. Because this is such a fun party dress, I added a few fuchsia accessories. The earrings and heels make outfit pop, but I kept the clutch simple as to not over do it.

The black lace dress is perfect for the holidays. Long sleeves give it a little extra warmth, but because it is so fitted, it doesn’t lose its sexiness. I added a few simple accessories. You definitely want to pair this with black heels. I always prefer pointed toes because it elongates the legs. This is also a lace dress I would not wear tights with. I also paired it with a simple black and gold clutch. This lace dress is perfect for a company party or over at a friend’s house.

The third white lace dress is something you can pair with tights or leave your legs exposed. I love the black belt and it is something you can definitely change to mix up the dress a little bit. Like the other lace dresses, keep the accessories simple. The focus is on the beautiful lace dress. Because we already have a black sash, black shoes, and black tights, I added some neutral accessories.

what to wear with a lace dress

The perfect hairstyle to go with the lace dress is a chignon.

How to Get the Look:
Step 1: Mist damp hair with a wave spray, and scrunch to create beachy texture.
Step 2: Make a deep side part, and sweep the front of your hair across your forehead to the opposite side.
Step 3: Roll it into a loose twist, and bobby-pin it behind your ear; then gather the rest of your hair into a messy bun, and secure with an elastic

Visit Seventeen for more information on this hairstyle.