Candy Corn Nails

I am not creative with my fingernail polish. I hardly ever wear nail polish so I admire those girls who take the time to do it. While browsing my favorite blogs, I ran across a tutorial on Candy Corn Nails.

from Sweat Shirt Dress Shirt

Head over to SWEAT shirt DRESS shirt for the tutorial.


Army Costume

First thing is first. Hilary from Superstar Gossip gave this blog a great shout out! She featured a few of the Halloween costume ideas. You can check it out here!  She has an awesome site devoted to Hollywood Gossip.

Army Halloween Costume

This costume is not over the top and very easy to do. Do you have cargo pants? Any camo? Black/Beige/white tank? Then you can do this look!  Make sure you add some face paint too!

Army Costume

Masquerade Costume

The Halloween Costume blogs theme continues….

This is another easy costume. You can use an old (or new) evening dress ( the more sparkle the better), and pair it with a masquerade mask and viola! You have your costume. You could also use an old prom dress, bridesmaid dress, whatever you want. Conversely if you wanted to go for scary zombie, a girl that got attacked, use a dress that you no longer want and spill fake blood all over it.

Masquerade Costume

Sailor Halloween Costume

Ahoy Sailors! Being a sailor for halloween is soo perfect! There are never a shortage of nautical styles. The two styles on the left are premade for you.  The first is from Forever21 and the second is from Love Culture.  Both are under 20 dollars.  All you need are some heels, a hat, and you are on your way!

Homemade Halloween Sailor