I made it!  I made it through 6 days (my event was in 6 days so I didn’t do the whole 7) of no bread, sugary drinks, processed foods, juice, pasta, cereal, and the list goes on.  Read my original post here.

I did the cleanse to lose some of the weight that I have gained while at law school (that wasn’t in the brochure) and because it was Barrister’s this past Friday. I also wanted to jump into a healthier living style where I eat mostly fruits and vegetables and stop snacking on unhealthy foods.  Here is a photo after the cleanse:


Overall: I lost about 5 pounds which is not bad for a week.  I actually think it could have been more, but I don’t think I ate enough fruits and veggies, and I didn’t eat tomatoes on meat and tomatoes day because I don’t like tomatoes.  Instead I substituted fruits and veggies.  I did not eat a ton of meat either.  I did not eat the soup except for one bowl.  It sounded good when I made it, but I just couldn’t motivate myself to eat it.

The positives: Eating non-processed foods really does make you feel much better than eating processed foods, meat, and other non-natural foods.  I had more energy throughout the week, it was easy to go to bed, and I just felt healthy.  I also saved a lot of money.  I wasn’t going to Starbucks, I had to remember my lunch because  there aren’t healthy options at most lunch places, especially not just fruits and veggies.

The Cons: I didn’t get to eat a lot of the things I like and I don’t particularly like the taste of fruit.  It almost seems like a tradeoff; if you enjoy eating it, it makes you feel worse afterwards, but if you don’t enjoy eating it, you feel better after.  When I worked at the mall, almost every Sunday we would all go to McDonalds.  I couldn’t resist, the Egg McMuffin is just so good.  Afterwards though I would feel sluggish, sleepy, unmotivated, bloated, etc.


In the future: I’m hoping that I will continue to eat healthy and will not gain it back.  This was a good starting point that showed me what I am able to accomplish if I have a little self-discipline.  I want to eat at least a few servings of fruit as a snack, and maybe some yogurt in the evening.  I also need to stop snacking at night.  On this plan I didn’t eat anything besides green tea after 7pm.  I was a little hungry, but it was not unbearable.  I think it made me wake up feeling lighter and I slept better.

I also need to get in the habit of running more often.  It seems like I always hit the roadway strong for a month and then I get just a little busier and I stop.  I hate building back my endurance every time this happens. I have gotten into strength training a lot so I want to also get on a schedule to lift every night.  Bikini season is almost here….

Let me know if you have any questions about the cleanse.  I would probably do it again, but I want to eat like that every day so I won’t have to worry about gaining an extra 5 pounds.



My cleansing story-Part 1

I have a special event Friday and I have noticed I have been gaining a little weight recently and need to slim down a little so I will be doing a 7 day cleanse diet.  I found this on Pinterest and have done a little research to see how it works for other people and it seems to have pretty good results.  See below.

I decided on this one specifically because I like to eat (unlike juice diets) and I wanted something that would be different every day because I don’t like to eat the same things every day.    I’m a little nervous because I have never done anything like this before and I want to be able to do make it 7 days.

I will let you know how it goes.  I’m hoping to lose about 10 pounds and use that as motivation to eat healthier and keep the weight off.  Have you ever done a cleansing diet before?  How did it go?  Any advice?

My First Half Marathon!

I can’t believe it.  I can’t believe I actually did it.  I ran my first half marathon…13.1 miles on Sunday.

The end of the race

When I look back to the beginning of my training, almost 3 months ago, I was only running 3 miles at a time maybe 2-3 times a week.  I didn’t have very much discipline and June 3 seemed so far off.  About halfway through I remember thinking I have to start going much further or else I wasn’t going to make it all 13 miles.

I remember thinking after my longest training run thus far, 9 miles, that I could do it.  I saw the benefits of my hard work pay off.  I felt stronger, I ate better, I drank more water, I slept better, and I felt more energized. I remember feeling disappointed if I hadn’t run that day.

As you know I was on vacation for 9 days in which I did not run a single day.  I hiked up lots of stairs and walked around many cities, but I hadn’t kept my heart rate up for prolonged periods of time.  The first time I tried to run after my trip  I felt my chest tighten up, my legs were sore, and I felt drained after only a few miles. In response I did exactly what they tell you not to do the week before your race.  I ran almost every day up to 5 miles.  I knew if I hadn’t that I would never make the leap to a half marathon.  I took the day off before Sunday to give myself a break.

The night before I worked until 8:30 and came home and ate a pizza. I hydrated well and went to bed early.  I woke up Sunday morning feeling very unfit.  Maybe the pizza wasn’t a great idea.  Nonetheless I wasn’t going to let this stop me.  I got to the See Jane Run half marathon almost  2 hours before the start time.  I watched as the course filled up with 1400 runners, mainly women, of all shapes and sizes.

As I lined up, I was incredibly excited.  My mom was there cheering me on and everyone at the run was super supportive.  The reason I chose the See Jane Run Marathon was because I loved the idea behind it.  Joining thousands of other women runners to support breast cancer research.  My mom is a breast cancer survivor of the last 15 years and I am so grateful she is still in my life, I wanted to run for her.

The first few miles of the run felt pretty good.  Everyone was still pretty crowded and there were a ton of people cheering.  At about 3 miles, the racers started thinning out a little bit; people falling behind and people passing me.  I felt very comfortable with my pace and kept it steady.  My legs started to feel a little right at around 5 miles.  Right before the race I was still deciding if I wanted to run with music.  At around mile 5 I was VERY happy I had music to keep me going.  Right before the race I also didn’t know if I wanted to run with my race jacket.  It was very cold when it started.  At mile 2 I was glad I chose not to run with the jacket.  By the end of the race it was almost 70 degrees.

The hardest miles were mile 7-11.  There weren’t a lot of cheerleaders and I had never run further than 9 miles so my body was really being tested.  But I kept my pace steady, turned up my music, and got my motivation from other people.  Some people started to walk at this point.  Walking was something I would not let myself do.  I gobbled down a few of my chewies to give me energy and just focused on the beautiful scenery.

Finally it was the last mile.  I was super excited that I had gotten this far and I could start to see other finishers so I started running a little faster.  I’m fairly sure I was smiling at this point as well because I was so excited.  I finished at 2:25:23.  I did a 11:06 mile.   My goal was to do with half marathon in under 2.5 hours and I succeeded!

After the race we received a champagne glass with champagne and chocolate.  I took one sip of the champagne and threw it out.  My body did not want anything but water.  My legs were definitely tight and sore after the race.  I did a little stretching and went to go have my lunch of champions: In n Out.  The rest of the day I was exhausted.  I went to be at around 8:30pm.

The next few days I was sore as well, but Tuesday I went for a run anyway.  It felt pretty good and by Thursday I was fully recovered.

I can’t wait for my next half marathon.  I’m really looking forward to getting faster now.  Running has become addicting.

Survivor Mud Run at Del Osso Farms

I’m a survivor!

Yesterday, Sunday April 24, 2012, I participated in the Survivor Mud Run at Dell Osso Farms in Lathrop, CA.  Two of my coworkers and I planned it about a month ago.  I have really been training for my half marathon and running through obstacles and through the mud sounded like a great break to training.  The course was 3.47 miles long and had 16 obstacles ranging from a water slide, mud puddles, monkey bars, and 5 foot walls.

Before the race

One of my coworkers made these awesome t shirts out of old work t shirts.  She cut the sleeves, the neck, and bottom hem out and tied it around the back to make a razer back tank top.   They looked awesome!  They were comfortable and perfect for the race!

She got the idea for it at Pinterest.  You can find the same idea here.  

Now is where it gets good.  I thought we would get muddy, but this was ridiculous!  The Dell Osso Mud Run had no shortage of mud.  The first thing you do in jump into a mud puddle, crawl your way under flags, climb a mud hill and then slide down it.  Then off to the next obstacle.   I was most afraid of the 5 feet walls we had to get over, but I managed it.  My shoulders and biceps are hurting me today though!

crawling through the mud

Made it!

My results:

Overall: 3133 out of 5267

Women: 1751 out of 3182

F 20-25: 192 out of 331

Finish: 1:18:44 Pace: 22:42

Del Osso Survivor Mud Run Official Website

Survivor Mud Run

Happy Friday everyone!

You may remember this post ‘Motivation‘ back in January.  It’s been 3 months so I thought I would update ya’ll and see how your own goals were going.

I do not have the body of any of the models in the pictures, but I am still active and consciously trying to be healthy.  I was unable to run for a little while because I was sick, but I have recently signed up for a few running races so I am working out 4-5 times a week.

The first is a Mud Run at Dell Osso Farms on April 22nd.  It is 3.47 hellish miles through mud and 16 obstacles.  I cannot wait for this!  I have been wanting to do a mud run for a long time and finally found some friends to compete with me!  I will definitely be posting pictures afterwards!

The second is the See Jane Run Half Marathon.  The longest race I’ve ever competed in was a 5K and the furthest I’ve ever run is 6ish miles.   I am terribly afraid of this half marathon, but I have a 12 week training plan that I am trying to keep up with.  I’m nervous I will lose motivation halfway through and then not be able to catch up.  I think my fear actually is what motivates me.  I don’t want to throw away all this hard work for nothing.  I will finish 13.1 miles.

Like I mentioned before, I did lose motivation right after New Years.  I feel that I can generally stay motivated for 2 weeks and then my motivation slowly starts dwindling away because, let’s face it, being healthy in this society is really difficult! Being healthy is a habit that you have to work for.  Just like studying for a test, building endurance, learning a new skill, it has to be cultivated.    Here are a few of my helpful tips though to create a habit.  Hopefully I can follow this advice.

1.) Create a time frame or specific goal.  I have created 2 goals for myself of races I want to complete.  That way I have a timeline and create a specific plan.  This will help me keep on track/.

2.) Plan in advance: I used to hate going to ballet class because I could never find my leotard, tights, shoes, bobby pins, and skirt.  I would stress myself out trying to find everything and have to rush to class.  Once I was there I was happy I went, but my life would’ve been easier if I kept everything in the same spot.  The same with being healthy.  I sometimes forget my lunch which means I’m eating greasy fatty mall food.  I will now plan my lunches on my days off and have snacks ready to go.  The same with my running gear so i will have no excuses.

3.) Track your progress:  Progress is encouraging.   I heard one idea of putting a dollar in a jar every time you work out.  Once you’ve collected 100 dollars you can treat yourself.  Take a ‘before’ picture.  Keep a log of all your workouts and what you eat.

4.) Be patient: It takes 4 weeks for you to notice the changes happening to your body, 8 weeks for your friends, and 12 weeks for everyone else.  Keep going.  Fights through the ruts.  Don’t weight yourself everyday.  Relax.  The results will come.

5.) Enjoy yourself and don’t deprive yourself:  You need a cheat day, or a day to sleep in.  Just remember it’s easier to break a habit than form a habit.  If you want to eat a cheeseburger, do it on a day you ran 6 miles, or split it with someone.  If you cannot bear to do one more stomach crunch then look up a few different exercises.

And remember…

How have you been doing on your health goals?  Any advice for me?