My New Years Resolutions

My New Years Resolutions:

  1. Tell people how I feel more often.  Don’t keep everything bottled in.  In the end I just end up unleashing it on someone else.
  2. I will moisturize more.
  3. I will pay attention to the small things; my fingernails, my jewelry, smiling more, making the small moments count.
  4. Floss.  Every day.
  5. I will save as much as possible on clothes meaning I’ll have to be more creative with the clothes I have now.
  6. Run a half marathon and a few other races as well.
  7. I will help out around the house more.
  8.  I will read more books.  I have a Nook if anyone wants to be my friend!  I also take recommendations.
  9. I will try new things.  I have a long bucket list of things I want to go and placed where I want to go.  I’m not getting any younger.
  10. I will update every day so I can get more followers on my blog.  Thanks to ya’ll that follow me now!

Random Musings: Life in a Day

Have 90 minutes to spare? Have a few minutes to spare? Watch this incredible film called ‘Life in a day’. With 26 directors, 80,000 video clips, and 4,500 hours of raw footage, it will blow your mind away with beautiful scenes and ideas that make you think. We are truly all human even though we may speak different languages, eat different food, and have different preferences for things. Don’t take my word for it. Watch Life in a Day Now.

Found out about Life in a Day here: