The Perfect Lace Dress

I first saw this dress from Extra Petite, and then I saw it on Kendie Everyday!  Both women are slightly different shapes, but this dress looks great on them!


Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 9.52.01 PM


I wore a variation of this dress for my law school graduation, but I love the unique sleeves on the other one! On the Nordstrom page, it also comes in navy blue, but I think the white/cream is especially beautiful.  I can imagine it for an engagement party, wedding (your own of course), an Easter party, graduation, or any spring event.  I might wait until it comes down in price to order it, but it might be gone before it ever goes on sale!  Happy shopping!




Because this needs to be talked about

I am halfway through taking the California Bar Exam, but I feel like this needs to be posted.   More than 40 women have come forward with their tale about how Bill Cosby drugged them and sexually assaulted/raped them.  This is important not only because there have been so many women, but as time has gone by, people are more accepting that these women have been victimized and it wasn’t their fault.  They are to be believed.  That even people who we think can do no wrong CAN do wrong.  Read, understand, and share.  Ok back to studying…

Bill Cosby Accusers Speak Out

How to Prevent Rape

I’ve talked a lot on this blog about the statistics involving women and violence.  What I haven’t really talked about is how to prevent it.

I read this really great article that shows that teaching men not to rape is fundamental to preventing rape.  It targets young males just going to college and teaches them about what it means to be raped, and what to do if you think something bad is happening.  You can read the details of the article here.

It’s time for people to stop putting the focus on what women should do to prevent violence against themselves and start focusing on the people who can really do something; the men who commit sexual crimes against women.  I would encourage you to reach out to your alma maters, current schools, etc to implement a class for guys to learn about violence against women.


I made it!  I made it through 6 days (my event was in 6 days so I didn’t do the whole 7) of no bread, sugary drinks, processed foods, juice, pasta, cereal, and the list goes on.  Read my original post here.

I did the cleanse to lose some of the weight that I have gained while at law school (that wasn’t in the brochure) and because it was Barrister’s this past Friday. I also wanted to jump into a healthier living style where I eat mostly fruits and vegetables and stop snacking on unhealthy foods.  Here is a photo after the cleanse:


Overall: I lost about 5 pounds which is not bad for a week.  I actually think it could have been more, but I don’t think I ate enough fruits and veggies, and I didn’t eat tomatoes on meat and tomatoes day because I don’t like tomatoes.  Instead I substituted fruits and veggies.  I did not eat a ton of meat either.  I did not eat the soup except for one bowl.  It sounded good when I made it, but I just couldn’t motivate myself to eat it.

The positives: Eating non-processed foods really does make you feel much better than eating processed foods, meat, and other non-natural foods.  I had more energy throughout the week, it was easy to go to bed, and I just felt healthy.  I also saved a lot of money.  I wasn’t going to Starbucks, I had to remember my lunch because  there aren’t healthy options at most lunch places, especially not just fruits and veggies.

The Cons: I didn’t get to eat a lot of the things I like and I don’t particularly like the taste of fruit.  It almost seems like a tradeoff; if you enjoy eating it, it makes you feel worse afterwards, but if you don’t enjoy eating it, you feel better after.  When I worked at the mall, almost every Sunday we would all go to McDonalds.  I couldn’t resist, the Egg McMuffin is just so good.  Afterwards though I would feel sluggish, sleepy, unmotivated, bloated, etc.


In the future: I’m hoping that I will continue to eat healthy and will not gain it back.  This was a good starting point that showed me what I am able to accomplish if I have a little self-discipline.  I want to eat at least a few servings of fruit as a snack, and maybe some yogurt in the evening.  I also need to stop snacking at night.  On this plan I didn’t eat anything besides green tea after 7pm.  I was a little hungry, but it was not unbearable.  I think it made me wake up feeling lighter and I slept better.

I also need to get in the habit of running more often.  It seems like I always hit the roadway strong for a month and then I get just a little busier and I stop.  I hate building back my endurance every time this happens. I have gotten into strength training a lot so I want to also get on a schedule to lift every night.  Bikini season is almost here….

Let me know if you have any questions about the cleanse.  I would probably do it again, but I want to eat like that every day so I won’t have to worry about gaining an extra 5 pounds.


The Cleanse-update

Just wanted to write an update on my progression.

It’s the end of day 3 and it’s been really hard to maintain just sticking to fruits and vegetables.  I’m pretty much sick of all fruits and vegetables and I’m not really too excited about the soup.  Maybe if I could have a piece of bread and butter with it…butter…yum.

It’s also been hard because there is unhealthy food everywhere I look.  It’s elections for the student body association and everyone is giving out samosas, candy, popcorn, cookies and cupcakes.  I went to a meeting today and they had free pizza.  Then there I was eating my watermelon and apples.   However, it did smell like garlic on the bus ride which inspired me to add some garlic to my food.  Garlic is really good for you too.

The interesting thing is I’m not really craving anything and I don’t miss a lot of my unhealthy food choices, but I do miss having more options.  I’m not really one to eat the same thing all the time (besides popcorn).  I genuinely feel better and more energized and I barely have caffeine, besides my green tea.  I am looking forward to when I can drink milk and bananas because it’ll be something different and I’m really looking forward to meat!!  Finally some real flavor.

As for the weight, I don’t feel all that different, but I think I am shocking my body and it doesn’t really know what to do.  I’m going to be patient and see what happens.  So far I’ve only lost a pound and don’t really see another 9 coming off, but I’m keeping my hopes up.  I wish the plan would have been more specific in which fruits and vegetables to eat and had some juice recipes.

Anyone else doing a cleanse?  How is it going for you?


My cleansing story-Part 1

I have a special event Friday and I have noticed I have been gaining a little weight recently and need to slim down a little so I will be doing a 7 day cleanse diet.  I found this on Pinterest and have done a little research to see how it works for other people and it seems to have pretty good results.  See below.

I decided on this one specifically because I like to eat (unlike juice diets) and I wanted something that would be different every day because I don’t like to eat the same things every day.    I’m a little nervous because I have never done anything like this before and I want to be able to do make it 7 days.

I will let you know how it goes.  I’m hoping to lose about 10 pounds and use that as motivation to eat healthier and keep the weight off.  Have you ever done a cleansing diet before?  How did it go?  Any advice?