The Cleanse-update

Just wanted to write an update on my progression.

It’s the end of day 3 and it’s been really hard to maintain just sticking to fruits and vegetables.  I’m pretty much sick of all fruits and vegetables and I’m not really too excited about the soup.  Maybe if I could have a piece of bread and butter with it…butter…yum.

It’s also been hard because there is unhealthy food everywhere I look.  It’s elections for the student body association and everyone is giving out samosas, candy, popcorn, cookies and cupcakes.  I went to a meeting today and they had free pizza.  Then there I was eating my watermelon and apples.   However, it did smell like garlic on the bus ride which inspired me to add some garlic to my food.  Garlic is really good for you too.

The interesting thing is I’m not really craving anything and I don’t miss a lot of my unhealthy food choices, but I do miss having more options.  I’m not really one to eat the same thing all the time (besides popcorn).  I genuinely feel better and more energized and I barely have caffeine, besides my green tea.  I am looking forward to when I can drink milk and bananas because it’ll be something different and I’m really looking forward to meat!!  Finally some real flavor.

As for the weight, I don’t feel all that different, but I think I am shocking my body and it doesn’t really know what to do.  I’m going to be patient and see what happens.  So far I’ve only lost a pound and don’t really see another 9 coming off, but I’m keeping my hopes up.  I wish the plan would have been more specific in which fruits and vegetables to eat and had some juice recipes.

Anyone else doing a cleanse?  How is it going for you?



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