The Sexy Lie

It’s a perfume ad, no really.


Do these pictures make you feel good about yourself? They shouldn’t.  If you’re a woman you should be upset because they are objectifying your body into an object rather than an individual human being.  If you’re a man, you should be ashamed that people do this to women’s bodies.

Below, Caroline Heldman speaks at a Ted Talk to discuss the sexual objectification of women and why this is not empowering.  My favorite part of the video is when she asks that if sex sells, why aren’t the more ads, pictures, videos, etc of men treated as objects, as body parts, and sexualized?  The effect of this is we, I’m speaking of women, have lower self esteem, engage in more habitual body monitoring, lower political efficacy, female competition (so that’s where it comes from), lower GPA, and sexual dysfunction.  She goes on to explain these in more detail in the video.

This video is also awesome because she gives some great examples of how to enact change and what happens when we stop focusing entirely on our appearance and hone our intelligence, skills, and activities.


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