My First Half Marathon!

I can’t believe it.  I can’t believe I actually did it.  I ran my first half marathon…13.1 miles on Sunday.

The end of the race

When I look back to the beginning of my training, almost 3 months ago, I was only running 3 miles at a time maybe 2-3 times a week.  I didn’t have very much discipline and June 3 seemed so far off.  About halfway through I remember thinking I have to start going much further or else I wasn’t going to make it all 13 miles.

I remember thinking after my longest training run thus far, 9 miles, that I could do it.  I saw the benefits of my hard work pay off.  I felt stronger, I ate better, I drank more water, I slept better, and I felt more energized. I remember feeling disappointed if I hadn’t run that day.

As you know I was on vacation for 9 days in which I did not run a single day.  I hiked up lots of stairs and walked around many cities, but I hadn’t kept my heart rate up for prolonged periods of time.  The first time I tried to run after my trip  I felt my chest tighten up, my legs were sore, and I felt drained after only a few miles. In response I did exactly what they tell you not to do the week before your race.  I ran almost every day up to 5 miles.  I knew if I hadn’t that I would never make the leap to a half marathon.  I took the day off before Sunday to give myself a break.

The night before I worked until 8:30 and came home and ate a pizza. I hydrated well and went to bed early.  I woke up Sunday morning feeling very unfit.  Maybe the pizza wasn’t a great idea.  Nonetheless I wasn’t going to let this stop me.  I got to the See Jane Run half marathon almost  2 hours before the start time.  I watched as the course filled up with 1400 runners, mainly women, of all shapes and sizes.

As I lined up, I was incredibly excited.  My mom was there cheering me on and everyone at the run was super supportive.  The reason I chose the See Jane Run Marathon was because I loved the idea behind it.  Joining thousands of other women runners to support breast cancer research.  My mom is a breast cancer survivor of the last 15 years and I am so grateful she is still in my life, I wanted to run for her.

The first few miles of the run felt pretty good.  Everyone was still pretty crowded and there were a ton of people cheering.  At about 3 miles, the racers started thinning out a little bit; people falling behind and people passing me.  I felt very comfortable with my pace and kept it steady.  My legs started to feel a little right at around 5 miles.  Right before the race I was still deciding if I wanted to run with music.  At around mile 5 I was VERY happy I had music to keep me going.  Right before the race I also didn’t know if I wanted to run with my race jacket.  It was very cold when it started.  At mile 2 I was glad I chose not to run with the jacket.  By the end of the race it was almost 70 degrees.

The hardest miles were mile 7-11.  There weren’t a lot of cheerleaders and I had never run further than 9 miles so my body was really being tested.  But I kept my pace steady, turned up my music, and got my motivation from other people.  Some people started to walk at this point.  Walking was something I would not let myself do.  I gobbled down a few of my chewies to give me energy and just focused on the beautiful scenery.

Finally it was the last mile.  I was super excited that I had gotten this far and I could start to see other finishers so I started running a little faster.  I’m fairly sure I was smiling at this point as well because I was so excited.  I finished at 2:25:23.  I did a 11:06 mile.   My goal was to do with half marathon in under 2.5 hours and I succeeded!

After the race we received a champagne glass with champagne and chocolate.  I took one sip of the champagne and threw it out.  My body did not want anything but water.  My legs were definitely tight and sore after the race.  I did a little stretching and went to go have my lunch of champions: In n Out.  The rest of the day I was exhausted.  I went to be at around 8:30pm.

The next few days I was sore as well, but Tuesday I went for a run anyway.  It felt pretty good and by Thursday I was fully recovered.

I can’t wait for my next half marathon.  I’m really looking forward to getting faster now.  Running has become addicting.


One thought on “My First Half Marathon!

  1. I have three things to say:

    1) Extremely impressive! I wish I could even consider running a half marathon, maybe someday! Who knows.

    2) Great choice not to wear the jacket – when I read that in my head I was saying “oh no!”

    3) In N Out! Perfect. And super jealous!

    Good job all around Lori! Good to hear you are doing well.

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