2012 Summer Bikinis and their cover ups

It’s that time! Hope you’re spring training paid off because it’s swim suit season!  I have to say I am somewhat disappointed with this year’s swimsuit season.  There isn’t anything that really pops out at me, but that’s surprising because there are so many awesome trends.  If I designed swim suits I would definitely be incorporating tribal patterns, lace patterns, white, and floral.  I was really looking forward to some good coral suits and mint colors.  I ordered a few of these colors from Victoria’s Secret, but when I got them, they did not look at all like the colors on the site.

Below are some of the styles I liked the best.  I love floral swimsuits and pairing it with an over-sized chambray shirt as a coverup.

Another very classic summer bikini look is polka dots: large, small, and multicolored.  Pair it with a bright traditional coverup.

I would say of all the trends, bright bathing suits are definitely in.  I love this style because you can mix and match with patterns, or other colors.  Imagine color blocking for bathing suits.  Pair it with a neutral sweater.

Finally we have the white trend!  Nothing looks better than a gorgeous golden body and a white bathing suit.  Keep the trend going with a white lace dress or shirt dress.


Any luck with swimsuits?  Are you happy with this year’s selection?

2012 Summer Bikinis!

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