Blogger fashion: Chambray shirts

I love this!  Its the same chambray long shirt worn two ways.  Throw a belt on the chambray tunic and you have a dress!  Chambray works pretty good on anyone!

Kendi from Kendi Everyday

Chamray is the perfect laying material.  I love how Kendi wore her chambray button up shirt under the polka dot sweater.  It works perfectly with the pink pants and this outfit would not have looked as good without the chambray shirt underneath.


Chambray pretty much goes with everything.  I love how this blogger pairs leather sandals, a dainty skirt, and a chambray shirt together with a metal belt.  All different kinds of style paired together for one awesome look!


This blogger did so many things I like!  I love pairing bright pants with a lace-type shirt, the shiny purse, and she uses the chambray as a jacket! It’s a great spring outfit!


We’ve seen chambray used as an undershirt, jacket, dress, and regular shirt paired with almost anything.  How do you like to wear chambray?


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