What I wore in Croatia

I just got back from Croatia this Monday which is why there has been a little lag in posts.  This one will make up for those I promise.  Below are pictures from almost every day of travel.  We were in Croatia for about 9 days and I only planned to bring a carry on bag so I had to pack very wisely.  On top of that, the weather was going to be a little chilly some days and hot other days.

Here’s what I brought:

2 dress:

The coral one to wear when it was hot

A navy blue maxi dress to wear on the plane both days.  I paired it with a tee the first time and my chambray shirt the second time.

7/8 shirts:

These were a mix of three quarter sleeve, and tank tops so I would be comfortable and have options for each city.

1 sweater:

Great for layering

2 jackets:

I brought a gray one for more comfortable travel rides and it paired well under my khaki colored more tailored jacket.  I tried to pick ones that would go with everything I brought.

2 shoes:

My TOMS that go with everything and a pair of moccasins.  Probably not the BEST choice as I almost slipped a few times on the cobblestone, but I was comfortable.

2 belts:

One I wanted to pair with my dress and the other was great for adding a little polish to my look.

2 necklaces:

Same as above.  They take up so little room and make you feel a little nicer.

3 pants:

I wore every pants 2 times because they take up the most room.  I had a light color, dark wash blue, and white.

Last day of our journey. Heading to the airport

At the top of the castle overlooking Hvar

What I wore riding through Korcula vineyards on the way to the beach

Relaxing by the water on the island of Hvar

A light jacket for a beautiful sunset in Zadar

In Split. Had a little photo shoot.

Our private apartment. What I wore to see the sword dancing in Korcula

In Zagreb

Walking the wall in Dubrovnik

What I wore on the plane

If you ever want to go to Croatia, let me know and I will tell you everything you need to know about this gorgeous country!  The people were nice, most spoke english, they had excellent food, and it was just beautiful!  The places we traveled to were:

Zagreb, Zadar, Plitvice Lakes, Split, Hvar, Korcula, and Dubrovnik.  You can easily spend 2-3 weeks traveling through Croatia and doing side trips.


2012 Summer Bikinis and their cover ups

It’s that time! Hope you’re spring training paid off because it’s swim suit season!  I have to say I am somewhat disappointed with this year’s swimsuit season.  There isn’t anything that really pops out at me, but that’s surprising because there are so many awesome trends.  If I designed swim suits I would definitely be incorporating tribal patterns, lace patterns, white, and floral.  I was really looking forward to some good coral suits and mint colors.  I ordered a few of these colors from Victoria’s Secret, but when I got them, they did not look at all like the colors on the site.

Below are some of the styles I liked the best.  I love floral swimsuits and pairing it with an over-sized chambray shirt as a coverup.

Another very classic summer bikini look is polka dots: large, small, and multicolored.  Pair it with a bright traditional coverup.

I would say of all the trends, bright bathing suits are definitely in.  I love this style because you can mix and match with patterns, or other colors.  Imagine color blocking for bathing suits.  Pair it with a neutral sweater.

Finally we have the white trend!  Nothing looks better than a gorgeous golden body and a white bathing suit.  Keep the trend going with a white lace dress or shirt dress.


Any luck with swimsuits?  Are you happy with this year’s selection?

2012 Summer Bikinis!

Boho summer chic

The boho summer chic look always seems to come up again.  I love this style because it’s so effortless and comfortable while being fashionable.  This is what people should wear to summer music festivals rather than putting on as much fringe as possible as seen in the Coachella post.

How do you like this style?


Boho summer chic

Met Gala 2012

Did anyone else catch the 2012 Met Gala held in New York City tonight?  I have to say, I was unimpressed with most of the attendees’ dresses.  We had dominatrix style leather dresses (Rihanna), way too sheer dresses (Beyonce ), and completely mismatched outfits (Kristen Stewart).  For the money these women pay their stylists, they should at least have something that won’t get them noticed at all rather than on the worst dressed list.  See them all here.   Personally I’d rather focus on the ladies who did impress with their dress choices.  Below are some of my favorites!

Jessica Alba at the Met Gala 2012

Chelsea Clinton at 2012 Met Gala

Nina Dobrev at Met Gala 2012

Heidi Klum at Met Gala 2012

Emma Roberts at the Met Gala 2012

Amy adams at Met Gala 2012

What to wear when meeting the parents

Ok, don’t freak out. He has finally invited you to meet his parents and you want to make a good impression, but what do you wear??  I’d like to think I’m pretty good at looking put together without actually looking like I spend a lot of time putting myself together.  This is perfect for meeting the parents.

My first piece of advice is to stay within your normal style, but tone it down or up a bit.  If you normally hang out in jeans and a tee, add some cute shoes and a blazer.  If you normally wear 4 inch heels and a tight dress, choose something a bit more conservative or heels a little lower.  The worst thing you could do though is go totally out of your way so that you’re not yourself at all. Sooner or later they will find out your true style.   Below are a few ideas.

One thing I love is adding a statement piece that is either meaningful to you or has a story behind it.  Maybe it’s a ring you traded for at a pawn shop, or you scored a 500 dollar jacket for 100 dollars at a boutique.  Wearing something unique can open up conversation and maybe you’ll have something in common with the ‘rents.

What to wear when meeting the parents
The first outfit can be a casual lunch or an outing.  I paired a floral tank with a cardigan and a pair of very mellow yellow jeans to take it up a notch.  I added a neutral flat so you’ll be comfortable and chic.  The cardigan is nice because you might start to get a little toasty from all those nerves or you may end up eating outside.  You want to look weather appropriate.  The last thing you want to be known for is the girl who had a heat stroke.
The second outfit is a bit more formal.  This could be for dinner or a movie.  Maybe dinner at the parents’  house.  The dress is flirty and fun and the white blazer brings it together making you look tailored and sophisticated.  I love this dress because it is flattering on all figures.  Add a pair of classic pearl earrings and some comfortable wedges.
Finally we have the most casual outfit.  I like this outfit because it does not look like you’re trying too hard and still has a little edge  to it.  Maybe everyone is going to a concert together or playing pee-wee golf.  The shirt is loose and flirty and the boots add a little structure to the outfit.  I would curl your hair and throw it up in a ponytail for a care free, but still mature look.
What have you worn to meet the parents?  Any horrifying stories?  Any clothing tips?

Wonder Woman

I once got into a fight with a guy I was dating about a woman balancing a successful career and a strong family life with kids.  I was worried about how I would manage it all; at 24 I want a successful career but I may want to have kids in the future.  His opinion was that I would make it work without considering all the societal factors that I have no control over.  I worry about sacrificing my body for this little creature for 9 months (I really love caffeine, drinking, and being able to see my feet), sacrificing my time at work during the last months before giving birth and someone else getting a promotion, about a lack of sleep, about being able to afford a kid, about my future husband splitting all the parental duties with me, about having to worry about someone else before myself for the rest of my life.  Sure motherhood is rewarding, but it’s not just motherhood I’m worried about.

Women have been in the workforce for over 50 years.  It seems that we would have the work/motherhood balance thing figured out by now.  But no.  Women are now expected to be superstars at home and in the workforce while they still earn less than men; “white women earning 77 cents on the man’s dollar, African American women earning 63 cents and Latina women earning just 57 cents”.* Women with children make “7% to 14% less than their childless female peers”.* Women also are not getting help from their employers or our governing policies.  Did you know that the United States is the only developed country without paid family leave?

This isn’t just about women though.  Men should also be encouraged to spend time with their significant other before she gives birth and to stay at home with their newborn baby. Employers should provide paid family leave to both men and women.  Taking care of a baby is not just a woman’s priority and many men probably wish they could stay at home, but don’t want to miss opportunities at work.  Many families also have to deal with financial obligations and therefore only one parent can stay home.

Stay at home dads should not be made a joke of.  Men need to learn to respect woman as their equals.  It seems that too many men think parenthood is below them; that their job and title is more important than their love of family.  Men, it seems, get to choose.  Women, however, pick up the men’s slack.  When he is not helping out at home, the woman cleans and cooks even after her own 8 hour workday.  It just doesn’t seem fair.  I hear jokes on a daily basis about a women’s position in life.  It makes me angry.  It should make the good men of the world angry.   It’s not just a woman’s issue.  Pretty soon, the wives, girlfriends, mothers, grandmothers, and daughters are going to get tired of doing all the work.  How about they enjoy a cold one after a long day at work?  How about the man make a sandwich?  Women are expected to do it all, but we can’t.

What do you think about family equality in the workforce? Do you think you can have a successful career and home life?  What do you think helps you to do this or would help you to have this balance?



All about chambray

All about chambray

I am a bit obsessed…with chambray.  Above are a few ways I wear it.

The first updates office wear for fashion forward spring wear.  Pair a plain chambray shirt with a bright pencil skirt and accessorize it with some bright heels and a bright collar necklace.  Not everyone can get away with this at the office, but it’s stunning.

The second outfit is denim on denim which I love.  Bring the look together by adding a theme.  This theme is leopard print.  You can also do a bright color, another pattern, a sweater over the chambray shirt, or a leather jacket.  This is the most versatile outfit.

Finally we have a chambray dress.  As above, this can be worn a million different ways.  Add a statement necklace, awesome shoes, or the perfect jacket for a versatile, never-gets-old look.

Blogger fashion: Chambray shirts

I love this!  Its the same chambray long shirt worn two ways.  Throw a belt on the chambray tunic and you have a dress!  Chambray works pretty good on anyone!

Kendi from Kendi Everyday

Chamray is the perfect laying material.  I love how Kendi wore her chambray button up shirt under the polka dot sweater.  It works perfectly with the pink pants and this outfit would not have looked as good without the chambray shirt underneath.


Chambray pretty much goes with everything.  I love how this blogger pairs leather sandals, a dainty skirt, and a chambray shirt together with a metal belt.  All different kinds of style paired together for one awesome look!


This blogger did so many things I like!  I love pairing bright pants with a lace-type shirt, the shiny purse, and she uses the chambray as a jacket! It’s a great spring outfit!


We’ve seen chambray used as an undershirt, jacket, dress, and regular shirt paired with almost anything.  How do you like to wear chambray?