Summer Vacation in Europe

Summer vacation…how I love thee.  Hopefully you have a little summer vaca planned.  Everyone deserves some R and R far away from home.  I am going to Croatia in 3 weeks.  Here is my packing list for a summer vacation.  This was done with a warm location in mind, preferably somewhere near the water.

The first thing you will notice is that there is a theme to these vacation outfits.  If you stick to one/two color patterns then you can mix and match outfits throughout the week.  For me I decided to go with peach/browns/blues.  Each of these shirts can be worn with each bottom.  You can also double up on some of these as well if it gets cold or cooler in the evenings.  The chambray top can also be used as a cover up for your swim suit.  I added the two jackets for cooler evenings, cool transportation rides, and in case you are visiting churches or other holy places.  The dress is perfect for traversing around Europe; it’s not too revealing, but also airy and light for hot summer days.  I added the belt to add another level of sophistication to an outfit.  I always feel I have to sacrifice a little style when I travel, but a belt takes up such little space in a bag, it is easy to use to complete an outfit.

The pants all pair well with the tops and are versatile enough so you feel you have a mix. I love white pants for summer time.  I added 2 bikinis that can be interchanged to make it seem like you actually have  4 bikinis.  Both shoes will match more than one outfit and they are neutral and comfortable.  Finally, the best accessory is a cross body satchel.

How would you wear these outfits??  Any other summer packing tips???  Let me know in the comments!

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Summer Vacation in Europe

Survivor Mud Run at Del Osso Farms

I’m a survivor!

Yesterday, Sunday April 24, 2012, I participated in the Survivor Mud Run at Dell Osso Farms in Lathrop, CA.  Two of my coworkers and I planned it about a month ago.  I have really been training for my half marathon and running through obstacles and through the mud sounded like a great break to training.  The course was 3.47 miles long and had 16 obstacles ranging from a water slide, mud puddles, monkey bars, and 5 foot walls.

Before the race

One of my coworkers made these awesome t shirts out of old work t shirts.  She cut the sleeves, the neck, and bottom hem out and tied it around the back to make a razer back tank top.   They looked awesome!  They were comfortable and perfect for the race!

She got the idea for it at Pinterest.  You can find the same idea here.  

Now is where it gets good.  I thought we would get muddy, but this was ridiculous!  The Dell Osso Mud Run had no shortage of mud.  The first thing you do in jump into a mud puddle, crawl your way under flags, climb a mud hill and then slide down it.  Then off to the next obstacle.   I was most afraid of the 5 feet walls we had to get over, but I managed it.  My shoulders and biceps are hurting me today though!

crawling through the mud

Made it!

My results:

Overall: 3133 out of 5267

Women: 1751 out of 3182

F 20-25: 192 out of 331

Finish: 1:18:44 Pace: 22:42

Del Osso Survivor Mud Run Official Website

Coachella Fashion

Heads up: This is replacing the blogger fashion post for this week.

Coachella was last weekend and for some reason it’s like the Oscars of music festivals.  Instead of wearing gowns, celebrities are out and about pretending they are normal people wearing some of the most interesting things.  What this really means is everyone attempts to looks grungy and hippy-ish and IMO makes for some pretty gnarly outfits (and not in a good way).  There is a great way to dress for a concert and then there is clothing vomit where one attempts to wear ragged denim, fringe vests, and a vintage concert tee of a concert you never attended.  So without further adieu, here are the best (worst) outfits of Coachella 2012.


Fergie @ coachella 2012


Katy Perry at Coachella 2012


Vanessa Hudgens @ Coachella 2012


lily collins and emma watson @ coachella 2012

Bohemian/Neon Fashion

It’s me again!  I have been a little MIA due to various reasons; visiting law schools, planning vacations for this summer, being sick, working overtime, training for my half marathon.  Life can get a little crazy sometimes.  Luckily I’ve had this blog post for a little while and it’s all ready to go.  I love how the bohemian look continues to stay in fashion especially around summer music festival time.  Even the most preppy of folks seem to rock braids in their hair, long flowy skirts, and bright colors.