Blogger Fashion: Pastels

This is the perfect layering look.  Got a little dusty pink, purple, mint green, and gray.  Warm, but springy.  The go to look when you’re weather doesn’t quite know what it’s doing.

Blogger from Shoes and Sashimi

I LOVE this mint green dress, and the brown belt.  I tried on a dress today sort of like this and tried the whole belt thing and it just doesn’t work for me.  I think it’s because my waist/hip ratio is too big.  I haven’t found any proof that this is true though.

Blogger from

This is all our purple, floral, and pearls!  Slightly monochromatic, but I love it!


This isn’t too pastel, but I like the sea foam-ish sweater and white pants.  White pants are super in right now!  You can pair them with almost anything!


I never would have thought pairing a pastel pink and forest green pants.  I love how the cardigan pulls it together!



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