Survivor Mud Run

Happy Friday everyone!

You may remember this post ‘Motivation‘ back in January.  It’s been 3 months so I thought I would update ya’ll and see how your own goals were going.

I do not have the body of any of the models in the pictures, but I am still active and consciously trying to be healthy.  I was unable to run for a little while because I was sick, but I have recently signed up for a few running races so I am working out 4-5 times a week.

The first is a Mud Run at Dell Osso Farms on April 22nd.  It is 3.47 hellish miles through mud and 16 obstacles.  I cannot wait for this!  I have been wanting to do a mud run for a long time and finally found some friends to compete with me!  I will definitely be posting pictures afterwards!

The second is the See Jane Run Half Marathon.  The longest race I’ve ever competed in was a 5K and the furthest I’ve ever run is 6ish miles.   I am terribly afraid of this half marathon, but I have a 12 week training plan that I am trying to keep up with.  I’m nervous I will lose motivation halfway through and then not be able to catch up.  I think my fear actually is what motivates me.  I don’t want to throw away all this hard work for nothing.  I will finish 13.1 miles.

Like I mentioned before, I did lose motivation right after New Years.  I feel that I can generally stay motivated for 2 weeks and then my motivation slowly starts dwindling away because, let’s face it, being healthy in this society is really difficult! Being healthy is a habit that you have to work for.  Just like studying for a test, building endurance, learning a new skill, it has to be cultivated.    Here are a few of my helpful tips though to create a habit.  Hopefully I can follow this advice.

1.) Create a time frame or specific goal.  I have created 2 goals for myself of races I want to complete.  That way I have a timeline and create a specific plan.  This will help me keep on track/.

2.) Plan in advance: I used to hate going to ballet class because I could never find my leotard, tights, shoes, bobby pins, and skirt.  I would stress myself out trying to find everything and have to rush to class.  Once I was there I was happy I went, but my life would’ve been easier if I kept everything in the same spot.  The same with being healthy.  I sometimes forget my lunch which means I’m eating greasy fatty mall food.  I will now plan my lunches on my days off and have snacks ready to go.  The same with my running gear so i will have no excuses.

3.) Track your progress:  Progress is encouraging.   I heard one idea of putting a dollar in a jar every time you work out.  Once you’ve collected 100 dollars you can treat yourself.  Take a ‘before’ picture.  Keep a log of all your workouts and what you eat.

4.) Be patient: It takes 4 weeks for you to notice the changes happening to your body, 8 weeks for your friends, and 12 weeks for everyone else.  Keep going.  Fights through the ruts.  Don’t weight yourself everyday.  Relax.  The results will come.

5.) Enjoy yourself and don’t deprive yourself:  You need a cheat day, or a day to sleep in.  Just remember it’s easier to break a habit than form a habit.  If you want to eat a cheeseburger, do it on a day you ran 6 miles, or split it with someone.  If you cannot bear to do one more stomach crunch then look up a few different exercises.

And remember…

How have you been doing on your health goals?  Any advice for me?



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