It Costs More To Be A Woman

I know women get paid less, get less promotions, and get shafted in health care, but it is becoming evident that now we pay more for other needs as well.  I recently read an article that discussed such discrimination from deodorant to hair cuts, and even more major purchases like cars and houses.  Let’s look at some of these discrepancies.

It costs more for a woman to have her dry cleaning done even if it’s a button down shirt just like the styles men wear.  Cleaners use the excuse that they are not the same size and cut and do not fit into their presses so they spend more time cleaning them. *

“A study done at the University of Central Florida found that on average, women’s deodorant costs 30 cents more per ounce than men’s, even when the only difference between the products was the smell.” *  Further, razors and razor blades cost more than a man’s equivalent.

Women pay more for haircuts as well.  Even if the woman has a man’s hair style, she will still pay more for it.

Women pay, on average $200 more for a car then white males, and that number is $400 more for a black female. *

“When it comes to home loans, the Consumer Federation of America found in 2006 that women were 32 perecnt more likely to end up with high-interest subprime loans, even if when they had better credit ratings than the men.” *

“The National Women’s Law Center has just issued a new report that found more than 90 percent of the best-selling health plans charge women more than they do men.”  In addition, women have to pay more for maternity care as well.*

So what does this really all mean?  Sure a couple bucks here and there shouldn’t matter, but it does. Marie Claire estimates women spend an additional $1,351 a year in extra costs and fees just because they are a woman.*

What can we do about this then?  First off, stop buying products made specifically for women.  Society has convinced us that we are so different that we can only use ‘feminine’ products, but your boyfriend’s razor is going to do the same job as your own pink, green or blue razor.  Second, make a fuss about this if you notice it.  People are generally allowed to get away with things because nobody ever stops them.  Notify your representative, speak to a manager, or inform your friends.  Knowledge is power. Third, learn to haggle.  Women make less than men and spend more on things like cars and negotiable items because women don’t want to ask for more money or a lower cost.  Speak up.  I know I definitely struggle with this one.

Leave any other suggestions in the comment box.    Have you noticed gender pricing?  How do you think we can stop it?

*Turns Out Being Born a Woman is a Major Financial Mistake

**Why Women pay More

To learn more about gender rating in insurance plans, the NY Times published an informative article you can see here. 


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