Blogger Fashion: colored pants

Colored Pants

Kendi Everyday

It’s Kendi again, surprise surprise.  If there is one blogger who can do colored pants the right way, it’s Kendi.  It’s so effortless and she pairs her colored pants with so many versatile pieces; patterns, blouses, sweaters, floral, animal prints, other bright colors.

This is a throwback from Fall, but it’s perfect because it shows how versatile colored pants are and how they can transition you into different seasons.  These green pants are going to look amazing in spring with some leopard print flats and a white blouse.

Same model and blogger shows another fantastic way these are perfect for transitioning your clothes for different seasons.  Wear red pants in fall or pair them with a striped tank for the Fourth of July.

Stripes and colors!!  Both are on my list for favorite spring and summer fashion.  Not many people can pull off tangerine pants.  I love how she pairs this with the blue and white striped top and the nude shoes to complement the bright pants.

I love these salmon colored ankle pants with the neutral textured loafer and neutral top.  So so so perfect for spring.  I’m digging the skinny belts too to break up the brightness of the pants and the top.


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