The premiere of Fashion Star

I love checking out new shows especially those featuring fashion.  I was especially excited for the new show Fashion Star featuring Jessica Simpson, Nicole Richie, and John Varvatos helping designers sell their clothing to H & M, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Macy’s.  I was, however, a little disappointed with the first  episode.

I thought it was a little all over the place with both the mentors and the buyers commenting and having two designers going at once.  I like Project Runway much better where they do one model for each designer and it lasts longer like a real fashion show.  It seemed disjointed in how they broke the show up.  I also wish the buyers commented more on the pieces.  I would love to be a buyer for a fashion store and want to know more information about what they’re looking for.  In terms of the pieces, three statement pieces seemed a little too much; a lot of the items were repetitive, only changing the color of the item.

HOWEVER, I have changed my mind slightly.  I like the show.  I liked seeing the clothes, but so far I haven’t jumped to any anything except for Orly’s designs.  I am disappointing though they completely changed her design this week.

It went from this:


to this:


You can’t see it in the picture, but the pockets and slit in the back of the first dress featured on the show is accented by the bright pink.  I LOVE that feature because it sets this dress apart.  I also like the silhouette in the first picture better.  Overall the first dress looks high class, evening cocktail and expensive.  The second dress looks blah blah and blah.  Saks Fifth Avenue purchased it and totally messed it up IMO.  And they are charging $295.


I’ll probably keep watching only because I want to see what’s next.


Blogger Fashion: Pastels

This is the perfect layering look.  Got a little dusty pink, purple, mint green, and gray.  Warm, but springy.  The go to look when you’re weather doesn’t quite know what it’s doing.

Blogger from Shoes and Sashimi

I LOVE this mint green dress, and the brown belt.  I tried on a dress today sort of like this and tried the whole belt thing and it just doesn’t work for me.  I think it’s because my waist/hip ratio is too big.  I haven’t found any proof that this is true though.

Blogger from

This is all our purple, floral, and pearls!  Slightly monochromatic, but I love it!


This isn’t too pastel, but I like the sea foam-ish sweater and white pants.  White pants are super in right now!  You can pair them with almost anything!


I never would have thought pairing a pastel pink and forest green pants.  I love how the cardigan pulls it together!


Spring 2012 Colors: Pastel

I am not a pastel kind of girl. I think it washes me out no matter how tan I get. That being said, pastel is very in right now and for a lot of people it looks really good on.  Below are a few of my favorite colors/trends.  I love mint green and coral (almost anyone can pull off those colors), and I love bright pants!  Chambray is a great way to bring everything together.

Spring 2012 Colors: Pastel

Summer bucket list

1.) Learn so surf.  I have been saying this for 24 years now.

2.) Go on the Sonoma Zip Lining Adventure.

3.) Napa wine trip with friends.

4.) Summer cabin trip with friends.

5.) Horseback riding at sunrise.

6.) White water river rafting.

7.)Go sailing.  I miss it.

8.) Hone my photography skills.

9.) Get a tan.

10.)Movies in the Park!!  A summer tradition.  Also Shakespeare in the park.

The summer already seems too short….

Survivor Mud Run

Happy Friday everyone!

You may remember this post ‘Motivation‘ back in January.  It’s been 3 months so I thought I would update ya’ll and see how your own goals were going.

I do not have the body of any of the models in the pictures, but I am still active and consciously trying to be healthy.  I was unable to run for a little while because I was sick, but I have recently signed up for a few running races so I am working out 4-5 times a week.

The first is a Mud Run at Dell Osso Farms on April 22nd.  It is 3.47 hellish miles through mud and 16 obstacles.  I cannot wait for this!  I have been wanting to do a mud run for a long time and finally found some friends to compete with me!  I will definitely be posting pictures afterwards!

The second is the See Jane Run Half Marathon.  The longest race I’ve ever competed in was a 5K and the furthest I’ve ever run is 6ish miles.   I am terribly afraid of this half marathon, but I have a 12 week training plan that I am trying to keep up with.  I’m nervous I will lose motivation halfway through and then not be able to catch up.  I think my fear actually is what motivates me.  I don’t want to throw away all this hard work for nothing.  I will finish 13.1 miles.

Like I mentioned before, I did lose motivation right after New Years.  I feel that I can generally stay motivated for 2 weeks and then my motivation slowly starts dwindling away because, let’s face it, being healthy in this society is really difficult! Being healthy is a habit that you have to work for.  Just like studying for a test, building endurance, learning a new skill, it has to be cultivated.    Here are a few of my helpful tips though to create a habit.  Hopefully I can follow this advice.

1.) Create a time frame or specific goal.  I have created 2 goals for myself of races I want to complete.  That way I have a timeline and create a specific plan.  This will help me keep on track/.

2.) Plan in advance: I used to hate going to ballet class because I could never find my leotard, tights, shoes, bobby pins, and skirt.  I would stress myself out trying to find everything and have to rush to class.  Once I was there I was happy I went, but my life would’ve been easier if I kept everything in the same spot.  The same with being healthy.  I sometimes forget my lunch which means I’m eating greasy fatty mall food.  I will now plan my lunches on my days off and have snacks ready to go.  The same with my running gear so i will have no excuses.

3.) Track your progress:  Progress is encouraging.   I heard one idea of putting a dollar in a jar every time you work out.  Once you’ve collected 100 dollars you can treat yourself.  Take a ‘before’ picture.  Keep a log of all your workouts and what you eat.

4.) Be patient: It takes 4 weeks for you to notice the changes happening to your body, 8 weeks for your friends, and 12 weeks for everyone else.  Keep going.  Fights through the ruts.  Don’t weight yourself everyday.  Relax.  The results will come.

5.) Enjoy yourself and don’t deprive yourself:  You need a cheat day, or a day to sleep in.  Just remember it’s easier to break a habit than form a habit.  If you want to eat a cheeseburger, do it on a day you ran 6 miles, or split it with someone.  If you cannot bear to do one more stomach crunch then look up a few different exercises.

And remember…

How have you been doing on your health goals?  Any advice for me?


It Costs More To Be A Woman

I know women get paid less, get less promotions, and get shafted in health care, but it is becoming evident that now we pay more for other needs as well.  I recently read an article that discussed such discrimination from deodorant to hair cuts, and even more major purchases like cars and houses.  Let’s look at some of these discrepancies.

It costs more for a woman to have her dry cleaning done even if it’s a button down shirt just like the styles men wear.  Cleaners use the excuse that they are not the same size and cut and do not fit into their presses so they spend more time cleaning them. *

“A study done at the University of Central Florida found that on average, women’s deodorant costs 30 cents more per ounce than men’s, even when the only difference between the products was the smell.” *  Further, razors and razor blades cost more than a man’s equivalent.

Women pay more for haircuts as well.  Even if the woman has a man’s hair style, she will still pay more for it.

Women pay, on average $200 more for a car then white males, and that number is $400 more for a black female. *

“When it comes to home loans, the Consumer Federation of America found in 2006 that women were 32 perecnt more likely to end up with high-interest subprime loans, even if when they had better credit ratings than the men.” *

“The National Women’s Law Center has just issued a new report that found more than 90 percent of the best-selling health plans charge women more than they do men.”  In addition, women have to pay more for maternity care as well.*

So what does this really all mean?  Sure a couple bucks here and there shouldn’t matter, but it does. Marie Claire estimates women spend an additional $1,351 a year in extra costs and fees just because they are a woman.*

What can we do about this then?  First off, stop buying products made specifically for women.  Society has convinced us that we are so different that we can only use ‘feminine’ products, but your boyfriend’s razor is going to do the same job as your own pink, green or blue razor.  Second, make a fuss about this if you notice it.  People are generally allowed to get away with things because nobody ever stops them.  Notify your representative, speak to a manager, or inform your friends.  Knowledge is power. Third, learn to haggle.  Women make less than men and spend more on things like cars and negotiable items because women don’t want to ask for more money or a lower cost.  Speak up.  I know I definitely struggle with this one.

Leave any other suggestions in the comment box.    Have you noticed gender pricing?  How do you think we can stop it?

*Turns Out Being Born a Woman is a Major Financial Mistake

**Why Women pay More

To learn more about gender rating in insurance plans, the NY Times published an informative article you can see here. 

Blogger Fashion: colored pants

Colored Pants

Kendi Everyday

It’s Kendi again, surprise surprise.  If there is one blogger who can do colored pants the right way, it’s Kendi.  It’s so effortless and she pairs her colored pants with so many versatile pieces; patterns, blouses, sweaters, floral, animal prints, other bright colors.

This is a throwback from Fall, but it’s perfect because it shows how versatile colored pants are and how they can transition you into different seasons.  These green pants are going to look amazing in spring with some leopard print flats and a white blouse.

Same model and blogger shows another fantastic way these are perfect for transitioning your clothes for different seasons.  Wear red pants in fall or pair them with a striped tank for the Fourth of July.

Stripes and colors!!  Both are on my list for favorite spring and summer fashion.  Not many people can pull off tangerine pants.  I love how she pairs this with the blue and white striped top and the nude shoes to complement the bright pants.

I love these salmon colored ankle pants with the neutral textured loafer and neutral top.  So so so perfect for spring.  I’m digging the skinny belts too to break up the brightness of the pants and the top.

Spring 2012 Colors: Coral

As we’ve talked about, bright colors are all the rage this spring and summer.  Coral is one such color.  I think this color is so full of vibrancy and fun that I can’t wait to find a beautiful coral dress or at least some coral colored jewelry.  It pairs great with neutrals or turquoise.  The first outfit is somewhat dressed up with a coral blouse and matching pumps paired with some earthy jewelry and a neutral bag.  The second outfit features a coral color dress  perfect to transition from the beach to evening with some bohemian bangles and sandals.

Spring 2012 Colors: Coral

Bright colored pants

Oh yes, you have seen these everywhere and you will continue to see this trend for months to come.  It is colored pants!  I cannot decide how many different colored pants I should get, but I’m going to try to stick to only a few because I could blow my whole paycheck just on colored jeans.  I love how these colored pants come in tight ankle jeans, loose trousers, chinos, and other styled pants that can’t really be described.  Unlike the patterned pants, I love these because they scream fun, but they are also very chic.

What style and color are you wearing?

Bright colored pants

Blogger Fashion: Floral Spring 2012

From Kendi Everyday

This picture and the one below both come from Kendi Everyday.  I am kind of obsessed with her blog.  There are a few blogs I check everyday and hers is one of them.  I was very happily surprised that she was wearing floral in a few of her more recent posts.  I LOVE the small touch of floral in the scarf above.  She is rocking the colored pants which I love this season as well.  I can’t wait to steal this look!


From kendi Everyday

Here we are also featuring a couple other trends.  The hi-low skirt as well as the pastel blazer.  The neutral wedges and belt tie the outfit together.


From Check in the Mirror

I love the floral dress look with a white blazer.  A white or light blazer is the perfect summer addition to your closet.  My faves for blazers are: black, oversized blazer, stripes, fun color, and white.  They go perfect with layering.  I love the neutral shoes and the bright lipstick for spring!


From Red Mera Vintage

This is a great outfit for the summer months.  I like the dark floral skirt with a light floral tank top.  Lots of flora, yet still not over the top.