Blogger Style: White lace dress

On Monday, I featured a few looks involving white lace dresses and wanted to continue the inspiration this Wednesday. I am finally getting a pattern of ‘style ideas’ on Monday and ‘blogger’s fashion’ on Wednesday. If you see someone who wears a particular trend  leave a comment! I love new blogs and new fashionistas!

Most of these bloggers changed up the white lace dress to match the colder weather which shows you just how versatile the look is!

I love the thigh high socks to give some extra warmth.  This three quarter lace sleeve is super adorable and I also love the belt to break up the monochrome of the white lace dress.

This blogger adds a little edge to the feminine lace dress.  Leather booties and a leather jacket bring this outfit together.

I think this lace dress is gorgeous!  I love the fit, the style; I love the blogger’s red lips and red nails.   Everything comes together so perfectly.  Perfect for a night out.

Another three quarter white lace dress.  Very feminine and bohemian.  The belt also adds a little texture to the outfit as well.  Now all she needs is a couple flowers in her hair.

This isn’t a white lace dress, but I loved it so I’m including it!  It’s unique, sleeveless, and has a lot of potential for a bunch of different looks.

Grey Lace Dress

I LOVE this dress and could not find a picture to copy it from, but I spent an hour looking through this girl’s blog to find it.  She compared it to Adele’s style and I couldn’t agree more.


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