Grammys: Worst Dressed 2012

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj also showed up with a person dressed at the Pope.  I don’t get it.


Cyndi Lauper

It’s not the 80s anymore Cyndi Lauper, and you’re not in your 20s.


Fernie @ the Grammys

Love the color, but she could lose the black granny panties.  If it was lined and you could just see the tangerine color it would have been perfect.


Robyn @ the Grammys

I think Robyn is confused.  Nothing about this outfit works.


Snooki @ the Grammys

Ahh Snooki!  You are not on the Jersey Shore and nobody wants to see your hoo-ha.  Surprise people and dress up a little.


Lady Gaga @ the Grammys

Lady Gaga should just focus on her singing.  BUT maybe we wouldn’t care about her as much.




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