Blogger Style: White lace dress

On Monday, I featured a few looks involving white lace dresses and wanted to continue the inspiration this Wednesday. I am finally getting a pattern of ‘style ideas’ on Monday and ‘blogger’s fashion’ on Wednesday. If you see someone who wears a particular trend  leave a comment! I love new blogs and new fashionistas!

Most of these bloggers changed up the white lace dress to match the colder weather which shows you just how versatile the look is!

I love the thigh high socks to give some extra warmth.  This three quarter lace sleeve is super adorable and I also love the belt to break up the monochrome of the white lace dress.

This blogger adds a little edge to the feminine lace dress.  Leather booties and a leather jacket bring this outfit together.

I think this lace dress is gorgeous!  I love the fit, the style; I love the blogger’s red lips and red nails.   Everything comes together so perfectly.  Perfect for a night out.

Another three quarter white lace dress.  Very feminine and bohemian.  The belt also adds a little texture to the outfit as well.  Now all she needs is a couple flowers in her hair.

This isn’t a white lace dress, but I loved it so I’m including it!  It’s unique, sleeveless, and has a lot of potential for a bunch of different looks.

Grey Lace Dress

I LOVE this dress and could not find a picture to copy it from, but I spent an hour looking through this girl’s blog to find it.  She compared it to Adele’s style and I couldn’t agree more.


White Lace Dress

Is it summer yet?  I would wait a few more months before you actually wear any of these white lace dresses, but I thought I’d get a leg up so you can start shopping white lace dresses.  With wearing anything white, I prefer to have a tan so I don’t look so washed out.  However, if you dress them up with a blazer or sweater you could definitely wear it now.  All three have slightly different styles, but are all perfect to wear on a bright sunny day!  They are perfect for those ‘white parties’ that tend to be so popular at the end of summer.

White Lace Dress

Oscars 2012 Fashion

It feels like every weekend has been an awards show.  Sadly the Oscars is the last for a long time.  Luckily people brought their A-Game to the biggest award event of the year.  There is no ‘worst dressed list’ only those who stood out.  And there are a lot of them!

Here are a few of my favorites from the Oscars 2012.  It was almost too hard to choose!

Kristin Wiig

I almost didn’t recognize Kristin Wiig at the Oscars this year because of her hair.  I love the funky layers and gorgeous corset top.

Tina Fey

Tina Fey wasn’t the only one rocking the peplum trend.  I love it!  It’s a unique silhouette with a simple color.

Berenice Bejo

I don’t think the dress photographs as well as it looked on screen.  On the tv is looked amazing!

Melissa McCarthy

Melissa McCarthy is stunning in this dusty pink gown.

Milla Jovovich

I love the bright red lipstick contrasted to the shiny white off the shoulder gown.

Ellie Kemper

This is stunning!  Love the color, sparkles, and fit!

Kelly Ripa

I can’t help but stare at Kelly Ripa’s biceps.  She looks amazing period.

Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz had the most amazing body, she could wear almost anything.

Natalie Portman

I LOVE this dress!  It is vintage, circa 1945.  Red, polka dots, fiery but sweet.

Until next award show,


**All pictures courtesy of Hollywood Reporter. 

Spring 2012 Essentials

Spring Essentials

1.) Bright Lipstick: Doesn’t matter if it’s red or hot pink, bright lipsticks are in! It’s a great way to add a pop of color! It seems like Spring is going to be all about color.
2.) Hi-Low Dress: This dress is perfect to transition from spring to summer. You don’t have to worry about a big spring gust blowing your skirt up and it gives a little more coverage. Can’t wait to find myself a hi-low dress.
3.) Anything peplum: Whether it be a skirt, dress, or shirt, add a little peplum into your step. Professional or sexy (or both).
4.) Loafers: Loafers are super comfy and go great with the ankle pants trend!
5.) Bikini: It’s never too early to start looking for bathing suits especially if it can motivate you to eat less cookies.
6.) Big 50’s style sunglasses: I don’t think I look very great in sunglasses, but I want to try a few of this kind anyway. Plus you can’t beat anything for $3.50.
7.) Bright pants: Colored pants are a great way to add color. Pair them with plain t’s or try color blocking. You can’t go wrong.

Spring 2012 Essentials

What I’m Loving

Here are a few things I love at the moment! Check in tomorrow for my spring must-haves!

Bright everything!  This includes blazers, jackets, pants, shorts, and shoes!  I love these American Eagle slingbacks because they have a pop of color but can be worn with a ton of things!  I also love the idea of adding neon colors to polka dots which is why I included the polka dot dress!  You need something more neutral to pair with neon colors.  The other thing you can pair with neon is a lace top.

What do you love right now?

What I'm Loving

How to stop your feet from slipping out of your shoes

I recently bought a pair of super cute pointy toe neon pink flats, but my heel slips out every time I take a step! I have another pair of shoes that does the same thing and it is so frustrating! While doing some research on the internet I found an accessory I can use to prevent slipping.

Foot Petals sells multiple accessories to prevent common shoe problems.  There I found the Heavenly Heelz.  They work perfect for prevent my heels from slipping out from my shoes. It’s basically just a sticky pad that does on the back of your shoes to close the space between your foot and the shoe.  It sticks there when you walk.

Heavenly Heelz

Have you found another accessory or secret to prevent slipping?

Blogger Fashion: Brightly Colored Blazers

You remember back to my little post about bright blazers?  Since it is Wednesday, here are a few of my favorite looks by other bloggers wearing bright blazers!  It being 75 degrees today I also wore a fantastic bright pink blazer I found at Forever21 and some shoes to match!  Head over to Chictopia to check me out!

These outfits definitely take some courage to rock.  I love the little pops of color added to the bright blazers.  It makes me excited for spring/summer!

From Superficial Girls

I love the coordination with the belt and the shoes!   A fantastic way to brighten up a little polka dot dress!  This definitely gave me a few ideas!

From Chictopia

I love the idea of color blocking and wearing two completely opposite colors, but I can’t really seem to pull it off.  This blogger did though!  I love the striped shirt, bright pink blazer, and teal shoes.    It’s a stellar combination.

From Chictopia

Ah!  I love these bright colors all together with the animal print heels!  I never would have thought to pair a carrot orange shirt with a coral blazer!  This is a knock out outfit!  Another fantastic way to put a little animal print into your wardrobe.

Blogger from District of Chic

If you are looking to update your work wardrobe, look no further than this blogger.  I love how she pairs a classic beige dress with simple print heels and purse and then adds a pop of color with the orange poppy blazer.  Everything fits perfectly together.  What you get is a polished, fashion forward, and chic look.

Grammys: Best Dressed 2012


You can’t really go wrong with a LBD with the right amount of leg and cleavage.  Rihanna looks sophisticated and sexy.

Taylor Swift @ the Grammys

Taylor Swift’s dress reminds me an Oscar statue.  A beautiful pattern with a beautiful color.

Adele @ the Grammys

A photo of Adele’s dress does not do as much justice as seeing it in video or I’m sure in person.  It glitters and shines just like her voice.

Carrie Underwood @ the Grammys

I love long sleeve dresses and I think it is always super classy for an awards show.  This dress is also beautiful in the back as well because it is cut out.  Carrie Underwood hardly ever misses the mark.

Kate Beckinsale @ the Grammys

Kate Beckinsale’s dress isn’t too serious.  It’s fun like the Grammy’s should be.

Jane Seymour @ the Grammys

Glassy, elegant, and shows off her beautiful body.  End of story.

Katy Perry @ the Grammys

I love the color!  I just wish Katy Perry’s hair didn’t match her dress.