Lauren Conrad Style

Lauren Conrad is one of the best fashionistas in Hollywood.  Her style combines the hottest trends with her bohemian California girl style.  She has made a tangible impact in the fashion world with her side braid and bright lips.  Here are a few of my favorite looks from Lauren Conrad.


Lauren always looks like she spent the day on the beach.  Sun-kissed cheeks, bronze eye shadow, and glossy pink lips.  Her signature look is thick winged eye liner.  Her stylist, Amy Nadine has a blog and always posts about how to achieve Lauren Conrad’s perfect makeup.   One tip to get a flawless sun-kissed look is to use a liquid foundation one shade darker than your current shade.  Make sure to blend well and cover your neck so your face doesn’t look darker than the rest of your body. I also love the bold lips.  One way to figure out what color red will look good on your lips, look at your veins.  If they are blue/greenish than you are cool so look for pinks.  If they are more yellow than look for orange tones in your lipstick.


Lauren Conrad popularized the side braid.  It’s easy to do and makes a simple look automatically chic.  You can leave your hair straight and pin the braid back or give yourself beachy waves.  Lauren also does the high big bun on top of her head for more formal events.  She also tends to do low chignons with a few hairs left out.  It looks effortless yet polished.  Her last signature look is beachy blond waves.  Whether she is a bright blond or a more ombre winter look, she has beautiful shiny hair.



Lauren Conrad’s fashion is trendy, casual, and coordinated.  She never leaves a detail out whether it’s her jewelry, nails, or other accessories.  She keeps her accessories simple and focuses on the clothes.  It’s no surprise she dresses well when interned at Vogue.  Her style features lots of mini skirts and mini dresses to show off her toned legs, blazers which polishes off the look, and sweet blouses that emphasizes her girl next door charm.




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