Lace in Fashion

Lace was by far one of the most popular trends.  Like the outfits below, you can see it in a variety of styles and clothing.  This year, lace did not mean old and vintage but adds a tiny dash of girly and sweet.  I love pairing lace with something unexpected.

The first outfit pairs a lace top with a red blazer and leather shorts.  The red blazer and leather shorts roughen it up just a tad bit.  There’s nothing girly about this outfit.

The second outfit uses a neutral lace top with some colorful chords and a military style jacket to make it slightly tomboyish with a touch of girly.

The third is all elegance.  I have this dress and am so in love with it!  It is simple yet stands out, short but classy, and feminine but not overly sexy.

The fourth outfit is totally girly.  I am not a super girly person, but this reminds me of something you would wear for school pictures back in elementary school with bangs and long hair.

Lace in Fashion


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