Best Trends of 2011

Best trends of 2011

  1. Loafers-This is a newer trend and I believe they will be everywhere in 2012.  My favorites are animal print loafers.  Gives your look a little bit of tomboy in it.  I can’t wait to see how people wear these in 2012!
  3. Blazers-Blazers are in style pretty much always, but they made a comeback in 2011.   White blazers were seen everywhere and adding a blazer completed the perfect layering look.  Look off for new colors, styles, and ways to wear them in 2012.
  4. Chambray-There must be like 50 different ways to wear chambray: skirts, shirts, jackets, purses, etc.  I can’t wait to see the new ways chambray is worn into 2012.
  5. Sparkles-From pairing a sparkly tank top under a blazer to going all out in a sequin dress, this trend could be seen in a variety of situations.  2011 made sparkles popular not just for going out, but also for during the day.
  6. Lace-another fabric that could be seen in a million different ways, colors, and styles.  My favorite is the lace top.  Adds a little bit of daintiness especially paired with something more masculine-leather, boots, etc.
  7. Colored pants-Jeans are great, but sometimes you just want a little something different.  We saw patterned jeans, colorful capris, and khakis.
  8. Aztec print-We saw this print in sweaters, bags, scarves, and tops.  I couldn’t keep my hands off this beautiful print.  I am well stocked up for the rest of winter plus anytime this trend comes back.
  9. Chunky necklaces-I love this trend because it goes great with layering or adding a little oomph to an outfit.  One can never have too much jewelry.
  10. Rose gold watches-One of the best investments I made was purchasing a rose gold watch from Fossil.  I get compliments on it on a daily basis.  This year I am looking for a black watch.  Any ideas?
  11. Mixing and Matching-I feel like 2011 was all about playing with different fabrics and prints.  Look at how many top trends are just colors, fabrics, and prints! Experimenting gave us some great color schemes and ideas to try out in the New Year.

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