How to Wear Tights

Tights are the perfect transitioning piece from summer to fall or fall to winter depending on where you live and what your work dress code is like. Now comes the question of how do you wear tights? Here are a few key rules to keep in mind when wearing tights.
1. If the tights are busy/patterned, keep the rest of the outfit simple.
2. If you want to focus on the outfit, keep the tights simple.
3. Do not wear tights with open toe shoes…it kind of defeats the purpose of keeping you warm. *Some people may disagree, but I’m sure you have a pair of closed toe shoes in your closet.
4. Match your tights with your shoes.
5. If you work in a professional or conservative environment wear dark colored tights only: black, brown, gray.
6. Do use tights in color blocking. This style isn’t really mine, but for those of you who like to stand out a bit more, using bright purple or red tights to complement the other colors of your outfit is fine.
7. Don’t wear tights with something obviously meant to be worn in summer.

Here are a few different ways to wear tights:

Outfit 1: Neutral Tights-I paired neutral tights with a lace scalloped skirt, simple sweater, and a cardigan that matches the shoes/tights.  This is very simple, yet you can change it up a bit by throwing on some interesting jewelry: bright colors, statement pieces, long necklaces, big rings, bracelets.

Outfit 2: Sweater Tights-This is a comfy, lounging around outfit. Try some patterned sweater tights to keep you warm in the winter.  Accessorize this outfit with a beanie, gloves, and a scarf.

Outfit 3: Polka Dot Tights-This is a professional work outfit with a bit of fun; polka dot tights.  Polka Dots are huge this season and they are perfect to add a bit of fun into an outfit. These are conservative enough that you could get by in most offices.  The rest of the outfit is very professional with a pencil skirt, sweater, and blazer.

Outfit 4: Black Tights-I love the different textures of this outfit.  Suede booties, soft tights, lace skirt, sheer blouse, and a pea coat.   Because it’s all one color, you can play around with patters and texture a little bit more because the black ties it all together.  This is fun for a night out, dinner, or a show.

How to Wear Tights

Here are a few final tips for wearing tights:

If you are looking to maximize your budget, definitely stick with plain black tights.  They are the most versatile.   You should probably buy more than 1 at a time.  I tend to lose tights often or they get a snag and are ruined.

Tights tend to be seasonal so stock up in the winter so you never run out.

Always have clear nail polish on hand, just in case you get a run. It will keep the tights together until you can get a new pair.


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