My New Years Resolutions

My New Years Resolutions:

  1. Tell people how I feel more often.  Don’t keep everything bottled in.  In the end I just end up unleashing it on someone else.
  2. I will moisturize more.
  3. I will pay attention to the small things; my fingernails, my jewelry, smiling more, making the small moments count.
  4. Floss.  Every day.
  5. I will save as much as possible on clothes meaning I’ll have to be more creative with the clothes I have now.
  6. Run a half marathon and a few other races as well.
  7. I will help out around the house more.
  8.  I will read more books.  I have a Nook if anyone wants to be my friend!  I also take recommendations.
  9. I will try new things.  I have a long bucket list of things I want to go and placed where I want to go.  I’m not getting any younger.
  10. I will update every day so I can get more followers on my blog.  Thanks to ya’ll that follow me now!

Best Trends of 2011

Best trends of 2011

  1. Loafers-This is a newer trend and I believe they will be everywhere in 2012.  My favorites are animal print loafers.  Gives your look a little bit of tomboy in it.  I can’t wait to see how people wear these in 2012!
  3. Blazers-Blazers are in style pretty much always, but they made a comeback in 2011.   White blazers were seen everywhere and adding a blazer completed the perfect layering look.  Look off for new colors, styles, and ways to wear them in 2012.
  4. Chambray-There must be like 50 different ways to wear chambray: skirts, shirts, jackets, purses, etc.  I can’t wait to see the new ways chambray is worn into 2012.
  5. Sparkles-From pairing a sparkly tank top under a blazer to going all out in a sequin dress, this trend could be seen in a variety of situations.  2011 made sparkles popular not just for going out, but also for during the day.
  6. Lace-another fabric that could be seen in a million different ways, colors, and styles.  My favorite is the lace top.  Adds a little bit of daintiness especially paired with something more masculine-leather, boots, etc.
  7. Colored pants-Jeans are great, but sometimes you just want a little something different.  We saw patterned jeans, colorful capris, and khakis.
  8. Aztec print-We saw this print in sweaters, bags, scarves, and tops.  I couldn’t keep my hands off this beautiful print.  I am well stocked up for the rest of winter plus anytime this trend comes back.
  9. Chunky necklaces-I love this trend because it goes great with layering or adding a little oomph to an outfit.  One can never have too much jewelry.
  10. Rose gold watches-One of the best investments I made was purchasing a rose gold watch from Fossil.  I get compliments on it on a daily basis.  This year I am looking for a black watch.  Any ideas?
  11. Mixing and Matching-I feel like 2011 was all about playing with different fabrics and prints.  Look at how many top trends are just colors, fabrics, and prints! Experimenting gave us some great color schemes and ideas to try out in the New Year.

Lace in Fashion

Lace was by far one of the most popular trends.  Like the outfits below, you can see it in a variety of styles and clothing.  This year, lace did not mean old and vintage but adds a tiny dash of girly and sweet.  I love pairing lace with something unexpected.

The first outfit pairs a lace top with a red blazer and leather shorts.  The red blazer and leather shorts roughen it up just a tad bit.  There’s nothing girly about this outfit.

The second outfit uses a neutral lace top with some colorful chords and a military style jacket to make it slightly tomboyish with a touch of girly.

The third is all elegance.  I have this dress and am so in love with it!  It is simple yet stands out, short but classy, and feminine but not overly sexy.

The fourth outfit is totally girly.  I am not a super girly person, but this reminds me of something you would wear for school pictures back in elementary school with bangs and long hair.

Lace in Fashion

Cold Weather outfits

My alma mater, the University of Rochester, finally got a good dose of snow and in honor I thought I would put together a few cold weather outfits. These are not snow outfits, but a step above that.  Thinks 30s/40s, overcast, maybe rainy.  All are very classic with a touch, or two, of something bold.

Stay warm,


Cold Weather outfits

New Years Dresses

Yes it is true, we have a few more days until New Year’s Eve.  Where did the year go????  If you are like me you are still trying to figure out what you’ll be doing, with who, and what you’ll be wearing.  Ugh oh.  Time to go shopping.  New Year’s is definitely the time to go all about and wear something shiny.  Hope these ideas inspire you!

Happy New Year!


New Years Dresses

Holiday Dresses: Metallic dresses

This week’s featured holiday party dress is the metallic dress. Not quite sparkly, and not quite monochrome. I love this dress because it’s shiny and fun. You can find a ton of different styles of metallic dresses. Both of these metallic dresses are so different.
The silver metallic dress on the left is a throwback to the 50’s. An a-line cut and cropped black sweater make this silver metallic dress sweet and fun. I love adding the bow accessories to complete the look.
The purple metallic dress is fantastic for a big party! I used lots of silver accessories to accent the purple metallic dress.

Holiday Dresses: Metallic dresses

Holiday Sweaters

I love cheesy holiday sweaters!  I think they can done cute enough to make you not look like Miss Frizzle from the Magic School Bus. Although holiday sweaters may be seasonal, you can always put them away for safekeeping the rest of the year.  Trends tend to come back in style every couple of years and you’ll save a lot of money through the years if you keep saving old trends even if you think they may never come back.

I love these holiday and Christmas sweaters because they represent a little Christmas without being overdone.  Reindeer Christmas sweaters are really big this year.  Think Rachel Berry from Glee.  They show your holiday cheer without being over the top.  A little Snowman or someone skiing is also featured on these holiday sweaters.

I paired the sweaters with a couple pair of boots and skinny jeans because the focus is the sweater.

Happy Holidays!

Holiday Sweaters

Fashion on Pan Am

Laura, Maggie, and Kate from Pan Am

Set in 1963’s, Pan Am is about fashion as much as it’s about flying.  The show features four girls each with their own store and their own fashion.  I don’t know how the ladies of Pan Am put all those dresses, garters, shoes, bags, pants, and shirts into their bag!  It doesn’t matter what continent they are on, the ladies of Pan Am are always looking fantastic!  Below features each star’s beautiful style in Pan Am, and some fashion ideas inspired by them.

Laura, Colette, and Laura traveling

The Uniform:

The Pan Am uniform is something every woman should look for.  It fits well, accentuates a woman’s body, is classic, and looks professional.  It is very simple, yet works, and has become iconic.  You can see Pan Am’s uniform in several movies including Catch Me If You Can and the James Bond movies.

pan am fashion

Maggie is the tough girl who had to work hard to get her position as pursor and ever harder to keep it.  She likes to push boundaries and that is reflective of her fashion as well. She wears lots of black, shows some skin, and isn’t afraid to wear something unique.

Maggie wearing a tight fitting knock out outfit

Pan Am Fashion Maggie


Laura plays the new girl and Kate’s younger sister.  She is slightly naïve about the world, yet she has a lot of curiosity and excitement about traveling through it.  Her style is very classic.  She sticks primarily to pastels and isn’t provocative or adventurous in her choice of clothes.  Her hair is always perfect and she stays within the rules.

Laura is maturing over the course of the film. Here she is in Cuba showing a little sun kissed skin

pan am fashion


Kate is Laura’s older sister and a spy for the CIA.  She acts and dresses a little more mature than the other girls and isn’t afraid of showing some skin to get what she wants.  Her style is elegant and gorgeous!  She wears rich colors that complement her red hair.

Kate is a tough girl who can wear almost anything

Pan Am fashion Kate


Colette is the French Flight attendant.  Like the French, her style is chic and always well put together.  Her winged eye liner looks perfect all the time and she has fun with her clothes.  She can be sexy and mysterious or comfortable and cute.

Colette always looks chic

Pan Am Fashion: Colette

How to wear a sweatshirt

Comfy and casual, the sweatshirt is my go to look for being comfortable and hanging out. Jeans and a sweatshirt was pretty much my uniform in high school.  Back then I was too afraid to stand out and wear something a little more trendy. Thank goodness things have changed.

Because sweatshirts are so simple and basic I decided to pair them with something that make them stand out just a little bit more.

The first outfit features a simple sweatshirt that says ‘Love Young, Love Forever’ and a pair of faded black jeans, combat boots, and an infinity scarf.  The boots and scarf  add a little style to a simple look.

The second outfit features a very adorable Bambi sweater paired over a long sleeve flannel shirt.  One of my favorite things about this fall is layering collared shirt over sweaters or sweatshirts.  It gives added warmth and a little more style to an otherwise simple outfit.

The third outfit is a basic hoodie with a vest over it.   I paired it with some snow boots because it was channeling a very outdoorsy look.  I want to go camping or hiking in this outfit.


How to wear a sweatshirt