What To Wear With a Lace Dress

For the next few weeks leading up to the holidays I will focus on holiday fashion. This week’s post will be all about lace dresses and what to wear with a lace dress. Lace is the perfect fabric for holidays. It gives of a romantic, soft allure and can be worn to a variety of holiday events.

However, one problem with lace dresses is that sometimes they can look too cheap, like underwear, or too old. You want to look for a dress with a simple contemporary cut. That will help the lace dress from looking too much of any of these things.
I chose these three lace dresses because they are simple and appropriate for the holidays. They are also not so trendy that you can’t wear them in years to come.

I love the first white lace dress because it is so fun! It is pulled tighter right below your bust line making your waist look smaller. I also love the polka dots on this lace dress which makes it fun and refreshing. Polka Dots are another popular trend for this holiday season. Because this is such a fun party dress, I added a few fuchsia accessories. The earrings and heels make outfit pop, but I kept the clutch simple as to not over do it.

The black lace dress is perfect for the holidays. Long sleeves give it a little extra warmth, but because it is so fitted, it doesn’t lose its sexiness. I added a few simple accessories. You definitely want to pair this with black heels. I always prefer pointed toes because it elongates the legs. This is also a lace dress I would not wear tights with. I also paired it with a simple black and gold clutch. This lace dress is perfect for a company party or over at a friend’s house.

The third white lace dress is something you can pair with tights or leave your legs exposed. I love the black belt and it is something you can definitely change to mix up the dress a little bit. Like the other lace dresses, keep the accessories simple. The focus is on the beautiful lace dress. Because we already have a black sash, black shoes, and black tights, I added some neutral accessories.

what to wear with a lace dress

The perfect hairstyle to go with the lace dress is a chignon.

How to Get the Look:
Step 1: Mist damp hair with a wave spray, and scrunch to create beachy texture.
Step 2: Make a deep side part, and sweep the front of your hair across your forehead to the opposite side.
Step 3: Roll it into a loose twist, and bobby-pin it behind your ear; then gather the rest of your hair into a messy bun, and secure with an elastic

Visit Seventeen for more information on this hairstyle.


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