Twilight Wedding Dress

I have not yet seen Breaking Dawn and I’m not a huge fan of the Twilight movies, but this movie has been super hyped up so I probably will be seeing it soon.  I don’t really understand the movies or the appeal.  I’m more of a Harry Potter woman myself.  Below is a copy of the wedding dress from the Breaking Dawn wedding scene.  I could not find a picture of the real dress from the wedding scene in Breaking Dawn.  The designer of this dress was also not the original designer of the dress in the movie.  This dress was designed by Alfred Angelo, however the wedding dress from Breaking Dawn was designed by Carolina Herrera.   It looks beautiful and actually reminds me a lot of Kate Middleton’s dress.  What do you think?  Good idea for another designer to blatantly rip of another designer’s dress?

Twilight Wedding Dress is now available with wedding designer Alfred Angelo.

From Huffington Post


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