Black Friday Deals on TVs at Target

Target is having an awesome Black Friday deal on HDTVs and other electronic gadgets.

There are featuring a wide range of TVs rangining from 149 dollars for a Polaroid 22″ LED 5oHz 1080p to 699 dollars for an Elements 55″ LCD 120Hz 1080p.    One of my favorite reasons to visit Targets is their electronics and gadgets.  I have my eye on a netbook which Target is selling for 157 dollars!!  They also have a Kindle, Nikon camera, and portable DVD players.

To view more TVS, check out the Target Black Friday ads here:

First AD-featuring TVs

Second AD-featuring Netbook, speaker system for Iphone/Ipods

Target has also come under heat recently because they are planning on opening stores at midnight Thursday night for Black Friday deals.  Other retailers like Kohls, Best Buy, and Macys are doing a similiar thing with wal Mart opening at 10pm.  Many people say this takes away from the family atmosphere of Thanksgiving especially to the people are who staffing these giant stores.  Do you really want someone helping you who hasn’t slept in 14 hours or is angry because he or she didn’t get to spend time with family and has to help you?   I think it’s a little crazy stores open at 4am which is why I have a preference for cyber Monday.  No lines, no waking up early, no parking, and no large crowds.


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