Special Events at the Vine Cinema

One of my favorite things to do in the area is see a movie at the Vine Cinema!  The Vine Cinema in Livermore, CA is an independently owned small movie theater.  There are just 2 theaters, but the movie selections are always great and they have fantastic events every month!  Thursdays are classic movie nights, the first Saturday of the month they show Rocky Horror Picture Show, and other special events listed on the Vine Cinema’s website.

One particular event at the Vine Cinema I attended last night was their Wine Night.  The event featured wine from four different Livermore wineries and then they showed “Bottleshock’, a movie about the 1976 competition between Napa Valley Wines and French wines where the California wine trumped the French wine and put Napa Valley on the map.  Afterwards they had an informative Q and A with the different wineries.  The event has inspired me to try out a few different wineries in Livermore and we have a free tasting to a few of them!

My friend Jasmine and I at the Vine Cinemas

The four wineries present  were:

Nottingham Cellars

McGrail Vineyards

Rodrigue Molyneaux


For more information about Vine Cinemas in Livermore, visit vinecinema.com.


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