Weekend Trip Makeup

Here are a few tips for going on a weekend trip.   It’s done with the idea of going on a trip with your guy but it applies to other situations as well.

First, Don’t bring every makeup item you own. Keep a neutral palette. Leave the face masks at home, you don’t want to scare the people you’re around. The trip should be more about your experiences than how good you’re going to look.
1. Tinted Moisturizer –I don’t like really heavy foundations so all I use is a tinted moisturizer. Feel free to substitute this with any foundation you use.
2. Eye Shadow-I love this kit because it is easy to use and you can make it as dramatic as you want. You can start off with a day look and add a little darker shadow for an evening look.
3. Compact Mirror-So you can make you are applying everything correctly.
4. Blush-I have not tried this one personally but it gets good reviews so I’ll add this. Similar to above, feel free to substitute this for anything you use. Blush helps you look more awake.
5. Hair Ties-You never know if there is going to be heavy winds or you just want to throw your hair up. Like a girl scout, always come prepared.
6. Mascara-I love this mascara. This department store brand will beat out any high priced mascara. Guaranteed.
7. Perfume-Personally I love Cherie. It feels sophisticated and girly.

Weekend Trip Makeup

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