Style From Around the Web

I have added a new category to what my posts will be featuring.  Wednesdays will feature bloggers from across the web wearing some of my favorite looks for the week.


This week we start out with long sleeve dresses:

From Late Afternoon Blog

^ ILOVE the cap with this as well.  It’s the perfect contrast.  ^


^ Ok so this one isn’t totally a long dress, but she is pairing it with a jacket so it counts.  🙂 ^


^ I like this one because it’s a way to wear long sleeve dresses if you live in an area without a cold climate.  I also love the utilization of a summer flowery dress that can be worn through fall.  ^

^ I personally love stripes so this is the perfect dress imo.  It’s very simple, but she looks warm and toasty.  Funny thing is, she posted this in summer!  Some people just can’t wait until fall (me too!) ^

Lori from

Oh look it’s me!  I probably should have worn a belt with this but I wore a jacket basically the whole time so I didn’t really need one (except for this picture).  Taken in Scotland.


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