How to Tie a Tie

I have always wanted to learn how to tie a tie so that one day I can tie my man’s tie for him and adjust it as need be.  Until then I will be studying this website:


Four in Hand Knot VideoFour in Hand Knot

Asymmetrical tie knot, good for button-down shirts

Pratt Knot VideoPratt Knot

Tidy & fairly wide tie knot, suited for any dress shirt

Half Windsor Knot VideoHalf Windsor Knot

Symmetrical tie knot, goes with any dress shirt

Windsor Knot VideoWindsor Knot

Wide & triangular tie knot, good for spread collar shirts


I have always admired men who could be a shirt/tie/jacket together.  I also notice when guys do not look put together.  Either their knot is too small, their tie is too short, or the colors are just all wrong.  Hopefully this website can help a a few more guys look just a little bit more put together.  I also imagine taking a tie off at the end of the day feels very similar to taking off a pair of heels at the end of the day.


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