Fall Boots 2011

Here are a few of fantastic boots for Fall 2011:
1. Classic Booties: Booties are a great alternative to the classic heel. You can wear these with skinny jeans, dresses, skirts, pretty much whatever and this season they come in sooo many different styles.
2. Classic Boots: I use a simple riding boot for classic boots, but really these can be any simple high boot in black or brown. They go with pretty much everything as well.
3. Wedge Booties: I highlighted a Fall trend with these wedge booties with laces. I love these because they are very stylish and comfy. Pair them with flared jeans, skinny jeans, leg warmers, or tights.
4. Rain boots: Who didn’t love splashing around in rain puddles as a kid? Let me rephrase, who doesn’t love splashing around in rain puddles? I do!! What better excuse to throw on a bunch of bright colored rain boots.
5. Biker Boots: These boots give you a little edge. Throw on a leather jacket and rock on.
6. Cold Weather Boots: It’s never fun to be sloshing around in snow without waterproof boots on. This pair will keep your feet warm and dry while still looking fashionable.
7. Over the knee boots: I will admit, I will never be able to pull off this look nor will many women, but it’s a statement piece for sure if you can.
8. Heeled boots: I find walking in boots with a chunkier heel are a lot easier to walk in which is why I featured this pair.

Fall Boots 2011

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