Eye Liner Tips

There’s a quote that says eyes are the window to your soul.  I totally agree with this quote and feel like my eyes give off a lot of what I’m feeling.  That being said, you can also do a few things to enhance your eyes.  Here is some more info about winged eyeliner/cat eyes:

1.) Winged Eyeliner: Head over to the Glitter Guide for some tips on 50’s Makeup especially the winged eyeliner look.  The reason I like this so much is because it is super simple, elegant, and is so refreshing compared to overdone made up  girls.  One of my favorite tv shows right now is Pan Am and I love the fashion, hair, and makeup.  This reminds me of a time that seems simpler where people really valued dressing well and feeling confident.

Tutorial courtesy of Sweet Thing. 

2.) Cat’s Eye: The Skinny, the blog from Forever21 recently featured a few different items to help with the cat eye look.      Because they do not show you how to do the cat’s eye, here is a tutorial!


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