A New Hope

I had to call into AT&T Customer Care the other day and I was greeted by a message that said my call would be answered by a disabled military veteran.  This was the first time I had heard this message or even of this program and I had called into customer care hundreds of times before.  The man who helped me was probably the most helpful of any of the representatives and went above and beyond to assist me with my problem.

From the AloriCare article. :

AloriCares was established with AT&T in late 2010 to provide customer care services staffed entirely by veterans with disabilities. The new hires joined the initial team of disabled veterans, 60 percent of whom suffer from combat-related trauma, in early July.

President Obama also passed a measure similar to what AT&T is doing.  He is calling for health centers across the country to employ 8,000 military veterans over the next three years.  The funding for this project already exists from the health care bill.

From Kaiser Health News article:

W.H. Seeks Health Care Jobs For Veterans
Tom Van Coverden, president of the National Association of Community Health Centers, said veterans are a natural fit. “They bring almost an unparalleled focus on mission and desire to serve, and they understand clearly what teamwork means.”

I was impressed with both of these policies when I discovered them.  I am so tired of the United States’ hypocritical principles.  No person who has ever risked death and mental illness fighting for this country should be homeless, without health care, and without a support system.  This is a small step in working to keep military veterans off the street and appreciate them a little bit more for all that they’ve done.


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