It’s Playtime in a Playsuit


I love the romper. I have 2. One is a floral romper and the other is a black silky romper I wear going out. I like this trend because it’s something different. It is a cross between a dress and shorts. This trend can be done very wrong and I think is the reason they have a bad name, but pick your romper well and you will stand out. Here are a few different ways to wear the romper.

The first is a knockout. This could be worn at a wedding, or an outdoor party. It is simple, but the color will make you stand out.

The second is very understated, but still unique. Can be worn to similar events as the first one. This would also be a cute outfit for a night out.

The third look is a bit more formal. I paired the velvet shoes and blazer together and combined it with a silk romper for some nice texture.

The third is super casual. Perfect for the beach, the movies, or hanging out on a hot summer day. It will keep you cool and fashionable.

The last one is also casual, but in the spirit of Fall, I showed that it could be worn in the cooler months as a transition piece.

It's Playtime in a Playsuit


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