Seri? You Look Ridiculous

This is brilliant. Someone feels the same way I feel about high fashion; women in silly poses wearing unrealistic articles of clothing. The artist, Yolanda Domingues, says “I tried to express what many women feel about women’s magazines and the image of women in the media – absurd, artificial, a hanger to wear dresses and bags, only concerned about being skinny, beautiful. We don’t identify with this type of woman – we are much more. I used the impossible poses to represent this type of woman and to show how absurd it is in a real context…

[The] poses of the women are ridiculous – they seem dead, twisted, pulled. Why are men never put in these positions? They are always straight, successful, able and healthy…”.

After reading some of the comments after the article, I think I should explain that I think the artist’s intention is not to criticize fashion, but the way women are portrayed in fashion magazines.  Men are shown standing tall and confident, and women are shown in  ridiculous poses.

See more of the pictures here:
You Look Ridiculous


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