Modern Day Fairy Tale

Like most little girls, I loved Disney Princesses!  Disneyland is probably one of the Happiest Places on Earth, and I gotta say, those princesses had style.  As we get older through, we learn that 99% of things do not end happily ever after.  Prince Charming sometimes cheats on us, lies to us, steals all our money.  He is not quite the savior that they portray him to be in the movies.  Dina Goldstein has created a series of photographs that highlights the unrealistic expectations of Disney Princesses.





You can view all the photographs at her website: Fallen Princesses.  I will say I do not completely agree with/understand  some of the other characterizations, but the four above I think are very well done.  Decide for yourself about the others and let me know what you think.


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