Running in Cold Weather

I recently gave up my gym membership in favor of running outside. I thought I was wasting money on something I could do for free especially when I was only making it to the gym once a month. I find running outside a lot more rewarding anyway. The one downside though is fighting the elements-it’s too hot, it’s too cold, it’s raining, it’s dry.  It’s important to wear the right running gear when outside.  We all knowing running requires going beyond your comfort zone and you should not be fighting your clothes along the way as well.

 Last week I got caught in the rain and thank God I wasn’t wearing cotton.  Instead I had on a waterproof jacket. Below you will find some examples on what to wear running in cold weather.   I do own many of these pieces (including the Nike Pegasus running shoes), and I would recommend everything here. Old Navy came out with a fantastic active wear line that is less expensive then other household brands.

Cold Weather Running Gear


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