Homemade Halloween Costume: Jester

Halloween is slowly creeping up. Do you have your costume yet? If not, this is an awesome idea for a costume. Being a jester! The ideas that I incorporated for this look was color blocking, argyle, corsets, and split leg pants/tights. Any combination of these will work and you want to go crazier than normal or else you might just look like you’ve mismatched a bunch of ideas. 🙂

I tried finding a youtube tutorial for a jester, but honestly they were a little scary so I’m going to skip that portion. Some ideas for how to paint your face include making extra rosy cheeks, drawing a tear drop under your eye, adding a triangle over your eyebrow and under your eye, or painting your face with one color on each side. It just depends on how crazy you want to get with it!

Homemade Halloween Costume: Jester


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