What every girl should own

What every girl should own

The List

1. Tailored blazer: Long are the days of huge shoulder pads and men’s oversized blazers. You should own at least one tailored blazer that doesn’t make you look huge and you can dress up for work or down with something more casual.
2. A great fitting pair of jeans: The kind of jeans that make your butt look good.
3. Killer heels: Low enough so you can still walk comfortably, high enough to give you all the confidence in the world.
4. Flats: At least one pair you can wear almost anything in.
5. LBD: Wear to work, a wedding, a party, to the grocery store. Take your pick, but it should fulfill at least 2 of those activities.
6. White blouse: It makes you look more sophisticated than just a plain white tee. Can dress this up and down.
7. Cardigan: Good for cool summer nights and a light breeze.
8. Boots: Your legs will thank me.  Also, jeans just make every outfit look better (well almost every outfit).
9. Tights: The perfect transition piece from summer to fall or winter to spring.
10. Cold Weather jacket: This should not include the same jacket that you snowboard in. No matter where you live, you can always use a warm pea coat.


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