How to wear a Poncho

How to wear a poncho?

For some reason, when the poncho trend pops back up in fashion, it seems to dwindle away a few months later without really changing anything. I would say I have always felt ponchos were a little too ‘out there’ and look a little costumey on some people, but I must say they are growing on me! What really is a poncho anyway but an oversized sweater with no arm holes? Here are a few different ways to wear a poncho.

1. This is for cooler weather. Wearing a poncho is basically like throwing on a sweater so that’s what I did to this simple maxi skirt and white long sleeve shirt. Very basic, but the poncho gives it a more stylish flair.

2. This outfit is supposed to be worn with the poncho over it because the dress is a little too formal for the more casual poncho, but that is why this works. Pair a poncho with a tight dress or skirt and long sleeve top and you are set.

3. This outfit is the most fun. You can use any color jeans that are in the poncho and just wear a simple blouse or tshirt under the poncho.

4. The fourth outfit is an intro look to the poncho. Start with this one if you’re unsure you want to go full fledge poncho. It’s more of an oversized sweater with big sleeves, but it fits the poncho category. This is a going out look. You can also pair it with a leather jacket for a daytime look.

How to wear a Poncho

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