Different kinds of Flats

Different style flats

1. Pointy Toe Flats- Point toe flats take flats to another level. I love these more than just simple ballet flats because they make your legs look longer plus they are more sophisticated. This reasoning holds true for heels as well.

2/3. Ballet Flats- These are essential because they are so versatile. I include both solid colors and patterns because either one will work with a lot of outfits.

4. TOMS-If you haven’t heard about TOMS shoes, the story is really cool. Blake Mycoskie, the owner, created this shoe company so that every pair of shoes purchased, another pair was donated to a child in a developing country. The shoes come in all sorts of fun colors and they are super comfortable. I own a few myself. You may never want to take them off.

5. Oxfords-These shoes are my go to shoes for work. They are comfortable and stylish and go with the androgyny trend. Although I’m not a super big fan of the trend, I do like certain elements. This is one of them.

6. Loafers-Loafers are definitely making a comeback. I would put boat shoes in this same category. These are perfect with shorts, pants, or skirts. Definitely gives off the preppy look, just please don’t pop your collar.

7. Moccasins-I have a pair of moccasins that I wear all the time! They are super comfy, warm, and look good with a variety of outfits.

8. Sandals-Although we’re in Fall now, it’s always good to have 1 or 2 pair of sandals for the peak of hot sun that always seems to last a few days in October. A good pair of sandals is essential to shorts and dresses through spring/summer.

Different kinds of Flats



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